WPUK Mythbusters – A response to the IRR and others

There have been several articles and comments published recently, including one by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), which attempt to discredit ‘gender critical’ (GC) feminism. These include claims that… Read More →

Correcting The National Wales

On Saturday 6th March, The National Wales, published an article which reported that Helen Mary Jones, a Plaid Cymru AM had been accused of transphobia. One example of this alleged… Read More →

What Biden’s Executive Order 13988 means for women and girls

Biden's Executive Order
Picture of Women's March in USA - women, girls, placards with uterus, abortion rights, rainbow flag. Pixabay

What Biden’s Executive Order 13988 means for women and girls: One woman’s take by Callie Burt  Biden’s Executive Order 13988: neither surprising nor good for women and girls On his… Read More →

Joint Statement on the UK Government’s responsibility to uphold women’s sex-based rights

We welcome this week’s announcement by the Minister for Women and Equalities. We are pleased that she has struck a balance between improving the process for obtaining a Gender Recognition… Read More →