A Woman’s Place is keeping it real


July 13


07:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Woman's Place UK

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Pre-launch event for TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality by Helen Joyce.

What first intrigued Helen Joyce about gender-identity ideology was the circularity of its core mantra: “transwomen are women”. Realising that nobody, including journalists, was supposed to question this piqued her interest further. The end result is her book, TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality, due for release in the UK on July 15th.

‘This is the book every woman should read. It explains how we’re being erased, how our arguments are being distorted, and the cost of standing up…Brilliant, coruscating, brave.’ (Joan Smith, author of Misogynies )

Signed copies of TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality is available to pre order (with free delivery in the UK) from Blackwells.

Helen Joyce is The Economist’s Britain editor. She joined the paper in 2005 as education correspondent, and between 2010 and 2013 was the Brazil correspondent, based in São Paulo. Since then she has edited the paper’s International section and Finance and Economics section. She has a PhD in mathematics from University College London, and before joining The Economist she edited Plus, an online magazine about maths published by the University of Cambridge, and the Royal Statistical Society’s magazine, Significance.

Susanna Rustin writes editorials for the Guardian, mostly on social affairs and the environment. She has previously been a feature writer and a deputy editor on the Opinion section and Guardian Review. Her first newspaper job was as a secretary on the Weekend FT, while studying part-time at Birkbeck College. She grew up in London, where she still lives with her husband and daughters, and helped set up the capital’s first and only community/parish council.

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