A Woman’s Place is reading The Politicization of Mumsnet


November 22


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Professor Sarah Pedersen discusses her latest book, and reaction to it, with Professor Selina Todd.

Sarah Pedersen is Professor of Communication and Media at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Her research focuses on women’s use of the media for political purposes, making use of both historical and contemporary sources. Her book “The Scottish Suffragettes and the Press” was published in 2017 and her latest book, “The Politicization of Mumsnet”, was published in October 2020 by Emerald. @SarahPedersen2

Selina Todd is Professor of Modern History at Oxford University. Her research focuses on the history of women and the working class in modern Britain and relies on the Census, alongside oral history, memoir and labour archives. Her books include The People: the rise and fall of the working class and Tastes of Honey: Shelagh Delaney and the making of a cultural revolution. Her next book is Snakes and Ladders: the Great British social mobility myth. @selina_todd

On registration for this event you will receive a 30% discount code to purchase ‘The Politicization of Mumsnet’ from the publishers.

Professor Sarah Pedersen’s book investigates the growing politicization of the online parenting forum Mumsnet and its use by politicians to try to influence middle-class women in the UK. The site’s discussion topics go far beyond traditional ‘mothering’ subjects and encompass politics, feminism and current affairs. Understood as a safe space for gender-critical voices, the site has spawned real-life activism and continues to be both praised and attacked for its support of free speech on controversial subjects. Professor Pedersen examines how Mumsnet has become a central part of a resurgent women’s rights movement in the UK. She argues that its openness to discussion around this subject has allowed the site to function as a subaltern counter-public – a space where gender-critical feminists have been able to share information and make plans for action and agitation.


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