Welcome to Woman’s Place UK.

We started Woman’s Place UK in September 2017 to ensure women’s voices would be heard in the consultation on proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act. We had 5 demands and we didn’t expect the campaign to last more than 3-4 months.

42759949_2224848987760267_815705372881846272_nThanks to the support and actions of thousands of people all over the UK we had a big collective impact on the debate and, while we don’t expect to hear the results of the consultation before February 2019, we know that the government has heard the voices of thousands of women.

At the same time, the debate has exposed the poor state of women’s rights in the UK. We have decided therefore to develop a broader campaign on the foundations we have built.

We will keep up the pressure on the government around the GRA and on councils and organisations to uphold equality law.

But there are other battles we need to fight too.

So we have made some New Year Resolutions to help us broaden the campaign in 2019:


We will continue to talk  to as many people as we can.

We believe that respectful dialogue is vital if we are to achieve a progressive law which upholds the rights of everyone.

December 2018