Press Rebuttals

We will publish here links to our rebuttals of articles in newspapers, on-line sites, main stream media social media and other media sources. This page is in development.

Responses to Pi Media from WPUK and UCL Women’s Liberation SIG January 2020

Don’t dismiss our resurgent women’s movement January 2020

Misogyny in Action: a rebuttal of statement by Trans Action Oxford October 2019

P*nk News allegedly in Brighton: a rebuttal of P*nk News article September 2019

Rebuttal of Socialist Review editorial February 2019

  • Read another rebuttal of this editorial by Sybil Cock here

Trans Rights Woman’s Place UK responds Democracy 50:50 December 2018

  •  This is the only time a news source has published a full right of reply from us.

Right of reply to BBC re Aimee Challenor September 2018

  • The BBC updated the article with some comments from us. This is the full right of reply we submitted.

A Right of Reply to Roz Kaveney’s article in Red Pepper December 2017