You can find links to blogs and some transcripts of speeches here. After April 2019, such articles have been published as posts.

Sex as a protected characteristic: a barrister’s perspective Raquel Rosario Sanchez & Julian Norman April 2019

Sex as a protected characteristic: an academic’s perspective Raquel Rosario Sanchez & Kathleen Stock February 2019

Sex as a protected characteristic: an activist’s perspective Raquel Rosario Sanchez & Kiri Tunks February 2019

Sex as a protected characteristic in the Dominican Republic Raquel Rosario Sanchez February 2019

Justice for Natalie Connolly by @ThatMidwife December 2018

Women and girls matter – speech by Raquel Rosario Sanchez at our Bath meeting November 2018

WPUK wins 2018 Emma Humphreys group prize Judith Green November 2018

A Woman’s Place UK at FiLiA 2018 October Judith Green

Freedom of speech in Leeds Lauren Hamstead October 2018

Cambridge and the Equality Act Ann Sinnott October 2018

An Irish woman speaks October 2018

Julian Norman in the House October 2018

Gender neutral toilets don’t work for women September 2018

Stonewall Report: Disingenuous or Gaslighting? August 2018

Cervical cancer is a woman’s issue by Kiri Tunks June 2018

An open letter to Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis England & Wales June 2018

The silencing of feminists silences survivors May 2018

A Woman’s Place by Lucy Masoud February 2018

Let’s Unite and Take Action by Steph Pike February 2018

Why I’m with women for rights and autonomy for all Kristina Jayne Harrison January 2018