WPUK submissions to consultations

Here are links to the submissions we have made to a range of consultations relating to the rights of women.


WPUK submission to Women & Equalities Committee Inquiry into Covid-19 April 2020

GRA Reform

WPUK, FPFW & FiLiA give oral evidence to WESC Inquiry into GRA, 21st April 2021

WPUK submission to WESC Call for Evidence on GRA November 2020

WPUK submission to Scottish Government consultation on GRA reform March 2020

WPUK Briefing note for CEDAW on GRA Reform February 2019

WPUK submission to UK Government consultation on GRA reform October 2018

WPUK response to Scottish Review of the Gender Recognition Action February 2018


Statement on ‘gender’ pay gap 2nd April 2019

Letter to Penny Mordaunt on ‘gender’ pay gap 1st April 2019

Other Civil, Legal & Political Rights

WPUK Hate Crime Submission 2020 21st December 2020

WPUK submission on Hate Crime & Public Order (Scotland) Bill 24th July 2020

WPUK response to the Communications and Digital Committee Enquiry into the Future of Journalism March 2020

WPUK submission to UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) January 2020

WPUK submission to Law Commission consultation on surrogacy reform October 2019

WPUK submission to Scottish Government’s consultation on Implementation of Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 August 2019

WPUK response to IPSO Guidance on reporting transgender issues June 2019

City of London Gender Identity Survey 31st July 2018

Census & Data

WPUK submission to Public Accounts Committee on use of data July 2019

WPUK submission to UK Statistics Authority: Phase 1 Assessment of 2020 Census May 2019

WPUK submission to Scottish Census consultation November 2018

Labour Party Fora

WPUK submissions to UK Labour Policy Forum June 2020

WPUK submissions to Scottish Labour Policy Forum August 2019

WPUK submissions to Labour Policy Forum June 2019