Advice to US Women to Compromise on Abortion Rights Misses the Mark: Katherine M Acosta

Katherine M Acosta is a lifelong feminist, a sociologist, filmmaker and writer. Divided We Fall is her documentary about the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising, a weeks-long protest to save collective bargaining rights for public sector workers. She was co-chair of the steering committee for Women’s Human Rights Campaign USA (now Women’s Declaration International USA) during its early formation. She blogs on Substack as ShesRightYouKnow.

You can read more from Katherine M Acosta on her substack

Woman’s Place UK is committed to campaigning for abortion rights. Our 2019 Manifesto calls for a) free access for all women, including women in Northern Ireland and migrant women, to NHS services, including maternity care and abortion services and b) defence of women’s bodily autonomy and decriminalisation of abortion across the UK, including Northern Ireland.