Smears & Lies

We have recently been criticised for retweeting a tweet by someone who links to For Britain. We did this in good faith, without checking the profile, during an extremely busy period after the forced closure of our meeting by Leeds City Council.

Whilst it is widely accepted that RTs are not necessarily endorsements we do apologise to our supporters for retweeting this account and fully acknowledge our error.

However, this error is being used by our opponents to develop a defamatory conspiracy theory suggesting we have links to far right organisations and that we have ongoing positive dialogue with far right organisations. People making these accusations are lying and make such claims in bad faith in order to tarnish the reputations of the women involved in our campaign and to create confusion about our motives.

We do not have any links to far right organisations, Christian fundamentalists or other religious organisations and we do not take funding from any far right organisations, Christian organisations or other religious groups.

We oppose racism in all its forms.

Our campaign is to assert the rights for women to be consulted and involved in a legal change that affects them.

Our campaign is, and always has been, firmly rooted in the Left and labour movement. We are proud trade unionists and anti-racists with decades long track record of anti-racist campaigning. To suggest otherwise is completely false, not based on evidence and is only intended to discredit and smear.


14th October 2018

We believe that it is important to share a range of viewpoints on women’s rights and advancement from different perspectives. WPUK does not necessarily agree or endorse all the views that we share.