WPUK Anti-racism #StopRacism


We acknowledge that racism is a pervasive discriminatory practice. It can exist on an individual level and we recognise that racism in the UK is systemic, and institutional.

Notions of race are used to create hierarchies and justify power imbalances against Black and minoritised people. The construct of ‘race’ exists as a regressive social construct to filter access to opportunity, resources, status, and power. 

WPUK will strive to be actively anti-racist, reflective in the way we work as individuals, in our campaign priorities and the choices we make about who we platform and the work we amplify. 

WPUK will never knowingly work or campaign with those who perpetuate racism.

We campaign for the rights of all women and girls. This campaign aim cannot be achieved if we discriminate against groups based on their skin colour, ethnicity or nationality. Nor can it be achieved by lending legitimacy or cover to those that seek to do so.

WPUK #StopRacism

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