An open letter to Edinburgh University

An open letter to Edinburgh University

We welcome Professor Peter Mathieson’s recent statement in response to the concerning events that unfolded on Edinburgh University’s campus. We thank him for clearly stating a commitment to academic freedom, freedom of assembly and fostering a climate of informed, respectful debate. We ask for deeds as well as words. The onus is now on Edinburgh University to facilitate a safe event where students, staff and the local community can come together to watch and discuss Adult Human Female, a documentary in defence of women’s rights.

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#DearEdinburghUniversity An open letter to Edinburgh University. You can read Prof. Mathieson’s statement here. Now signed by over 1600, including Edinburgh University staff, academics, students, Alumna and members of  the public. Thank you for your support.

Dear Professor Mathieson,

We write with concern that Edinburgh University has, for a second time, allowed the screening of the film Adult Human Female, a documentary in defence of women’s rights to be physically prevented.

Those wishing to watch the film and take part in the accompanying discussion were seeking to exercise their lawful right to engage in discourse on subjects that affect their daily lives and are the focus of academic research. These include, but are not limited to, sex dis-aggregated data collection, employment law, funding and commissioning of services, and single-sex spaces. 

Universities are obliged to uphold academic freedom. Edinburgh University has a stated commitment to facilitating ‘an environment where all members of our community are able to inquire, study, and debate.’ The Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016 obliges universities to uphold academic freedom, without denying academic staff the privileges or entitlements normally accorded them by their institution. Such privileges generally include the ability to hold, support or attend public events and debates. Regardless of personal opinions about the documentary film, allowing censorious groups of staff and students to create an environment which the university itself has deemed unsafe for its screening, creates a climate hostile to academic freedom and antithetical to the rights and safety of women. 

We expect the University to uphold academic freedom and facilitate the screening of this documentary and post-screening discussion.


Film makers  I  Deirdre O’Neill  I  Mike Wayne

Featuring in the film  I  Julie Bindel  Journalist  I  Dr Shonagh Dillon  WPUK Director  I  Simon Edge  Novelist  I  Judith Green  WPUK Director  I  Dr Karen Ingala Smith  WPUK Director  I  Dr Louise Irvine  I  Dr Jane Clare Jones  I  Lisa Mackenzie  I  Lucy Masoud  WPUK Director  I  Susan Smith  For Women Scot Director  I  Joan Smith  Journalist  I  Rebekah Wershbale  Keep Prisons Single Sex   

Rt Hon Michelle Thomson  I  MSP 

Dr Lewis Moonie MSc  I Retired MP and member of the House of Lords  I  Edinburgh Alumnus

Marlyn Glen  I  Former MSP 2003-2011 (North East Scotland)

Dr Arianna Andreangeli  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Law School

Dr Shereen Benjamin  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Senior lecturer  I  Primary education

Dr Kath Murray  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Research Fellow  I  Law School  

Scott Wortley  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Lecturer  I  Law School  

Ann Henderson  I  University of Edinburgh 2018- 2021  I  Rector 

Robert Black KC  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Professor Emeritus of Scots Law

Anthea Coleman-Chan  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Centre for Open Learning  I  Head of Humanities, Centre for Open Learning

Dr. Euan  MacDonald  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Law School  I  Senior Lecturer

Carolyn Mackay  I  University of Edinburgh

Prof. Perdita Stevens  I  University of Edinburgh

Gale Macleod  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Lindsay Paterson  I  University of Edinburgh  I  School of Social and Political Science  I  Professor of Education Policy

Dr Ruth McQuillan  I  University of Edinburgh  

Prof. Jonathan Hearne  I  University of Edinburgh

Dr Ricardo Almeida  I  University of Edinburgh  I  College of Science and Engineering  I  Research Associate

Anna Ross  I  The Univerisity of Edinburgh  I  School of Health  I  Lecturer

Dr Alison Young  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Physics & Astronomy

Prof. Ruth Jepson  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Professor of public health in social science

Michael Rosie  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Dr Ian Stark  I University of Edinburgh  I  Senior Lecturer

Dr Neil Thin  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Honorary Research Fellow

Elise McDonald  I  University of Edinburgh  

Dr. Ewen David Johnston I  University of Edinburgh  I  Consultant Neonatologist Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Dr Kitty Wheater  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Staff

Dr Claire Valentin  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Senior Lecturer, retired

Robert Crowcroft  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Senior Lecturer in History

Anton Elloway  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Teaching fellow

Dr Julius Ruis  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Senior Lecturer

Laetitia Pichevin  I  Edinburgh University  I  Senior Researcher

Liz Burrough  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Research Associate

Kathleen Jenkins  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Retired lecturer

Prof Christina Perry  I  Queen Mary University of London  I  Law Department

Prof. Olwen Moseley  I  Cardiff Metropolitan University  I  Professor Emerita

Dr Simon Hewitt  I  University of Leeds  I  Lecturer in philosophy

Dr Keith Hotten  I  University of Hong Kong  I  Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law

Prof. Liz Atkins  I  University of Derby

Ruth Dineen  I  Cardiff Metropolitan University  I  Head of Department (retired)

Prof. Ewen A. Cameron  I  Edinburgh, HCA  I  Professor of Scottish History

Dr Michael Foran  I  University of Glasgow  I  School of law

Prof. Judith Suissa  I  University College London  I  Philosophy

Prof. Jeanette Findlay  I  University of Glasgow  I  Professor of Economics

Dr Holly Smith  I  University College London Institute of Education  I  Lecturer in Higher Education

Prof. Sarah Pedersen  I  Robert Gordon University  I  Communication and Media

Prof James Orr  I  University of Cambridge  I   Associate Professor

Prof. Jo Phoenix  I  University of Reading  I  Deputy Head  I  School of Law

Miriam David  I  University College London Institute of Education  I  Professor Emerita

Prof. Alice Sullivan  I  University College London  

Prof. Rosemary Auchmuty  I  University of Reading  I  School of Law

Sarah Garfinkel  I  University College London   

Dr John Baird  I  University of Aberdeen  I  Senior Lecturer 

Prof. Philip Cunliffe  I  University College London  I  Associate Prof

Prof. James Martin  I  Goldsmiths, University of London  

Dr Fiona English  I University College London Institute of Education  I  Senior Honorary Research Associate

Nadia Edmond  I  University of Brighton  I  Principal Lecturer

Robert Pyper  I  University of the West of Scotland  I  Emeritus Professor

Prof. Michael Stewart  I  University College London

Prof. Andrew Davies  I  University of Liverpool  I  Modern Social History

Dr Michael Biggs  I  University of Oxford  I  Associate Prof  I  Sociology

Prof. Chetan Bhatt  I  London School of Economics and Political Science  

Prof. Colin Mills  I  University of Oxford  I  Associate Professor of Sociology

Prof. Lee Jones  I  Queen Mary University of London  I  International Relations

Debbie Clarke  I  University of Oxford  I  Course Lecturer

Prof. Wayne Morrison  I  Queen Mary University of London  I  School of Law  

Dr Katie Alcock  I  Lancaster University, Edinburgh University Alumna  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Doug Stokes  I  University of Exeter 

Dr Hannah Quirk  I  King’s College London  I  Reader in Criminal Law  

Professor Robert Tombs  I  University of Cambridge  I  Emeritus Professor of French History

Prof. Ian Pace  I  City, University of London  I  Professor of Music

Dr John Armstrong  I  King’s College London  I  Reader in Financial Mathematics

Dr Laura McGrath  I  The Open University  I Senior Lecturer

Dr. Cheryl Hudson  I  University of Liverpool  I  US Political History

Dr. Ruth Mieschbuehler  I  University of Derby  I  Senior Lecturer

Dr. Jon Pike  I  The Open University  I  Senior Lecturer  I  Philosophy

Prof. Peter Ramsay  I  London School of Economics  I  Law

Prof. Patrick Sturgis  I  London School of Economics  

Prof. Ellie Lee  I  University of Kent  I  Professor of Family and Parenting Research

Prof. Martin Anthony  I  London School of Economics  

Prof. Danielle Sinnett  I  University of the West of England

Dr John McGowan  I  Canterbury Christ Church University

Eurig Scandrett  I  Queen Margaret University  I  Senior Lecturer in Public Sociology

Prof. Mary Leng  I  University of York  I  Department of Philosophy

Dr Jim Butcher  I  Canterbury Christ Church University  I  Reader

Chloë Highmore  I Glasgow School of Art  I  Lecturer

Prof. Deborah Cameron  I  University of Oxford

Prof. Alan Sokal  I  University College London

Prof. Alex Blakemore  I  Brunel University  I  Human Genetics

Dr Judith Waring  I  University of Southern Denmark  I  External lecturer

Prof James Devlin  I  Nottingham Trent University  I  Professor

Dr Lesley Semmens  I  Leeds Beckett University  I  Senior Lecturer (retired)

Dr Amanda Gosling  I  University of Kent  I  Senior Lecturer 

Dr. Donna Barnes  I  University of Derby  I  Senior Lecturer

Roopal Desai  I  University College London  I  Clinical Fellow

Doctor Emma Hilton  I  University of Manchester  I  Postdoctoral researcher  I  Developmental biology

Jennie Bristow  I  Canterbury Christ Church University  I  Senior Lecturer  I  Sociology

Dr Ishbel Begg  I  Clinical Psychologist

Timothy Bates Ph.D.  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Professor of individual differences in psychology

Prof. Emerita Brigid  I  Queen Mary University  I  Emerita professor

Prof. Kathleen Richardson  I  De Montfort University

Jessica Evans  I  The Open University  I  Senior Lecturer  I  Social Sciences

Prof. Lee Grieveson  I  University College London  I  Media History

Prof. David Wootten  I  University of York  I Emiritus Prof.

James Doyle  I  Harvard University  I  Senior lecturer in Philosophy

Prof. Mary Morrissey  I  University of Reading  I  Associate Professor in English Literature

Prof David Rose  I  University of Essex  I  Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Firat Cengiz  I  University of Liverpool  I  Senior Lecturer  I  Law School

Prof. Emeritus Colin Wight  I  University of Sydney

Jo Hutcheon   I  North East Scotland College  I  Lecturer

Prof. Anne Green  I  University of Nottingham 

Dr Mike Eslea  I  University of Central Lancaster  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Michelle Shipworth  I  University College London   I  Associate Professor

Anna Melamed  I  University of the West of England  I  Senior Lecturer

Lucy Porteous  I  University of Portsmouth  I  Senior Teaching Fellow

Dennis Hayes  I  University of Buckingham  I  Director, Academics For Academic Freedom 

Dr Jan  I  University of Kent  I  Visting Fellow

Dr Betty Jay  I  Royal Holloway  I  Senior Lecturer

Dr Kate Newey  I  University of Exeter  I  Professor of Theatre History

Donovan McGrath  I  SOAS University of London  I  Language Teacher

Maureen O’Hara  I  Coventry University  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Denise Robertson  I  University of Surrey  I  Nutritional Physiology

Dr Jim Butcher  I  Canterbury Christ Church University  I  Reader

Dr Thomas Prosser  I  University of Cardiff  I  Reader  

Alan Neale  I  University of East London  I  Senior Research Fellow (retired)  

Prof Marie Murphy  I  Director, Physical Activity for Health Research Centre

Thomas Carey  I  University of Stirling  I  Teaching Fellow (retired)

Dr Robert Francis  I  University of Wolverhampton  I  Lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing

Elaine Mercer-Jones  I  Edinburgh Napier  I  Lecturer

Prof. Kamilla Aslaksen  I  Inland University Norway  I  Assistant Professor

Prof. Elizabeth Pickett  I  Carleton University 

Hilary Burrage  I  Adjunct Professor

Dr Isabel Campelos  I  University of Lincoln  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Michelle McCarthy  I  University of Kent  

Prof. Catherine Higginson  I  Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)

Prof. Gráinne McKeever  I  University of Ulster    

Stuart Waiton  I  Abertay University  I  Lecturer

Naï Zakharia  I  University of Cambridge  I  Doctoral researcher

Susie Hawkes  I  University of Wolverhampton  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Lisa Scullion  I  University of Salford

Bec Wonders  I  University of Oxford  I  Research Assoc

Tara McCormack  I  University of Leicester  I  Lecturer  I  International Politics

Eleri Hedley-Carter  I  University of Oxford  

Kathleen Lowrey  I  University of Alberta  I  Associate Professor  I  Department of Anthropology

Barry Pennock Speck  I  Universitat de València  I  Lecturer

Dr Bella Vivat  I  University College London & alumna of University of Edinburgh (MSc, PhD)  I  Principal Research Fellow

Dr. Angela Mansi  I  Westminster Business School  I  Senior Lecturer

Dr. Alison McClean  I University of the West of England

Liz Elkind  I Edinburgh University  I  Retired 

Professor Onita Basu  I  Carleton University  I  Environmental Engineering

Dr Fabiola Mota  I  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid  I  Senior lecturer

Prof. Mark  Collard  I  Simon Fraser University  I  Canada Research Chair and Professor

Prof. Alexander Horne  I  Durham University  I  Visiting Professor (Law)

Richard Heffernan  I  The Open University  I  Reader in Government

Jon Swain  I  Jon  I  Senior lecturer 

Prof. Kim Stevenson  I  University of Plymouth  I  Emeritus Professor of Sociolegal History

Dr Caroline Morris  I  Queen Mary University of London  I  Law  I  Reader in Public Law

Prof. Eleanor Gordon  I  University of Glasgow

Dr Jo Mockeridge  I  CCCU  I  Lecturer

Prof. Daniel Grayson  I  University of Illinois  I  Professor Emeritus

Prof. Coel Hellier  I  Keele University  

Dr Laura Bisaillon  I  University of Toronto  I  Associate Professor

Dr Elaine Thomas  I  Open University  I  Lecturer (retired)

Prof. Karen Ross  I  Newcastle University

Daniel Hadas  I  King’s College London  I  Medieval Latin  I  Lecturer

Prof. Jeff Kenner  I  University of Nottingham  I  Professor of European Law

Dr Stephen McLeod  I  University of Liverpool  I   Reader in Philosophy

Andrew Lawrence  I  Cardiff university  I  Dean of Research, college of biomedical and life sciences

Laurence Whiteside  I  Paris Dauphine University  I  Teaching Fellow 

Jerry Sternberg  I  University of Aberdeen  I  Reader in Bioligical Sciences

Micheal Howard  I  University of South Wales  I  Lecturer in Law

Prof. James Treadwell  I  Staffordshire University

Bianca Lucia De Stavola  I  University College London  I  Professor of Medical Statistics

Avril Mewse  I  Exeter university  I  Senior Lecturer

Prof. Sarah Baker  I  University of Sheffield  I  Faculty of Medicine  I  Dentistry and Health

Dr Elizabeth Peatfield  I  LJMU  I  Senior lecturer

Dr. Lotta Wendel  I  Malmö university, Sweden  I  Senior lecturer

Ffion Bartley  I  University of Durham  I  Head of Learning and Development

Dr Sarah Beresford  I  Lancaster University  I  Former lecturer in law

Mary Esther  I  Cambridge University  I  Wolfson College  I  Senior Member

Marija Carter  I  Leiden University  I  Researcher

Carol Ryder  I  Liverpool John Moore’s University  I  Senior Lecturer

Dr Mark Ellerby  I  University College London  I Physics and Astronomy 

Dr Robert Laverick  I  University of Leeds  I  Chemistry Teaching Fellow

Paul Taylor  I  University of Liverpool  I  University teacher

Jean Rogers  I  Craven College  I  Dean of Higher Education  I  Retired

Rebecca Liebman  I  Former Associate Dean (Retired)

William Brown  I  Nottingham University  I  Life Sciences  I  Reader in Genetics

Prof. Stephen Warren  I  Imperial College London  I  Astrophysics 

Simon Newman  I  University of Westminster  I  Senior Lecturer

Dr Alan Campbell  I  University of Liverpool  I  Honorary Senior Fellow

Gwenan Richards  I  IFCELS, SOAS  I  Lecturer

Prof. Vicky Boliver  I  Durham University

Sean Lang  I  Anglia Ruskin University  I  Senior Lecturer

Chris Pook  I  University of Auckland  I  Research Fellow

Professor Kath Checkland  I  University of Manchester  I  Professor of Health Policy and Primary Care

Prof. Sara Ashencaen Crabtree  I  University of Stavanger, Norway  I  Professor Emeritus

Margrethe Voll Storaas  I  Norwegian School of Sport Sciences  I  Research Fellow  I  Philosophy

Abigail Burnyeat  I  University of the Highlands and Islands

Stephen Ferguson  I  Phil Tutor 

Nadine McBay  I  University of Edinburgh

Prof. M. D. Allen  I  University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley  I  Professor of English Emeritus

Dr. Laura Hamilton  I  University of Hertfordshire  I Research Fellow

Dr James Martin  I  Middlesex University  I  Interim Academic Dean, ACI

Dr William Mathews  I  London School of Economics  I  Visiting Fellow

Caroline Norma  I  RMIT University  I  Senior lecturer

Dr Robert Laverick  I  University of Leeds  I  Chemistry Teaching Fellow

Jane Craig  I  University of Glasgow

Dr. Sonya Andermahr  I  University of Northampton  I  Reader

Sally Wainwright  I  Edinburgh College of Art / Heriot Watt  I  Senior lecturer (former)

Magi Gibson  I  University of the West of Scotland, previously Paisley  I  Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow

Lorna Irvine  I University of Glasgow  

Reuben Kirkham  I  Monash University  I  Lecturer  I  University Administrator

Dr Hannah Ryan  I  Royal Liverpool University Hospital  I  SpR Clinical Pharmacology

Dr Fiona Cosson  I  Anglia Ruskin University

Dr Pauline Pollard  I  University of West of England  I  Senior Lecturer in Information Technology (Retired)

Prof. Glynne Williams  I  University of Leicester  I  Associate Professor

Prof. Stuart Russell  I  Macquarie University (Aus)  I  School of Law  I  retired

Associate Professor Suzanne Belton  I  Menzies School of Health Research  I  Lecturer

Prof. Jenny Gamble  I  Coventry University  I  Professor of Midwifery

Dr Sheila Henderson  I  Retired university senior lecturer

Dr Esther Asprey  I  University of Wolverhampton  I  Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, Edinburgh Alumna

Rebecca Newman  I  London School of Economics  I  Professional Services

Prof. Debbie Epstien  I  University of Roehampton  I  Emeritus Professor Retired

Dr. Jan Macvarish  I  University of Kent  I  Visiting Fellow  I  Education & Events Director, the Free Speech Union

Lyndsey Snow  I  Hope Sentamu Learning Trust  I  Technician

Selina Wallis  I  University of Liverpool  I  Public Involvement mansger ARC NWC

Alison Cummerson  I  London School of Economics  I  LSE library 

Carl Taylor  I  Russell Group University, London  I  Admin Staff

Renata Albuquerque  I  SOAS  I  Access, Participation and Student Success Manager

Melanie Brown  I  Bangor University  I  Staff

Catrin Richards  I  UWE Bristol  I  University Administrator

Brodie Runciman  I  University of Edinburgh  I  University staff

Adam Hamilton  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Staff retired

Eva Bird M.Litt  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Former support staff

Dr Gareth Thomas  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus

Lesley Wilson  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Dr Susan Ross  I  University of Edinburgh & University of Aberdeen

Gillian Craig  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Gillian Fox  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Moira Paterson  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Rhona Irving  I   University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

M Robertson  I  University of Glasgow  I  Alumnus   

Cllr Alison Ann-Dowling  I  Strathclyde University Alumna  I  Deputy Leader Renfrewshire Labour

Lorna Speirs  I  Glasgow University  I  Alumna

Nadine McBay  I  University of Edinburgh I  Alumna

Jennifer Jordan  I  University of Northampton  I  Student

Cherish Scarlett  I  University of Liverpool  I  Student

Samantha Guyan  I  The Open University  I  Student

Denisea Fernandez  I  University of Edinburgh  I  PhD student

Michelle Edwards  I  Open University  I  Student

Pilgrim Tucker  I  Open University  I  Student

Cheryl McKenzie  I  Open University  I  Student 

Ricky Fallon  I  Glyndwr University  I  Ex LGBT Society President

Emily Firth  I  UHI  I  Student

Imma Ruiz  I  University of Edinburgh  I  student

Janet Lallysmith  I  Open University  I  Post-grad student 

Emily Vaughan  I   University of Glasgow  I  Student

Ian Watt  I  University of Edinburgh  I  PhD researcher

Anna Ferrara  I  University of Stirling  I  Student

Max Mitchell  I  University of Glasgow  I  Student

Aman Singh  I  LM Thapar School of Management  I  PhD Candidate

Angela Donnelly  I  University of Glasgow  I  Student

Tricia Young  I  Dundee University  I  Post Grad nursing studies 

Rose Rickford  I  University of York  I  Dep. of Sociology  I  PhD candidate

Denisea Fernandez  I  University of Edinburgh  I  PhD student

Linda Murdoch  I  PhD research student

Raquel Rosario Sánchez  I  University of Bristol  I  PhD Candidate I  Centre for Gender and Violence Research  I  Feminist writer and campaigner

Nicole Jones  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Student

Heather Ritchie  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Student

Fraser Hudson  I  The University Of Edinburgh  I  Undergraduate student at Moray House

Amy Field  I  University of Oxford  I  Student

Necar Nabizadeh  I  Student

Nuray Deliorman  I  University of Westminster  I  Student 

Lily Durand  I  University of Sheffield  I Student

Katya Kostadintcheva  I  London School of Economics and Political Science  I  Student 

Dittany Rose  I  University of East Anglia  I Student 

D. Coward  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Student

Freya Papworth  I  Goldsmiths  I  Student

Sally Bishop MA Cantab  I  The Open University  I  Student

Don Throne  I  University of East london  I Student 

Elizabeth Nelson  I  University of Wales Trinity St David  I  Post Grad. Student

Vik Gill  I  Falmouth University  I  Student

Sue Partridge  I  Open University  I  Student 

Carole Concha-Bell  I  King’s College London  I  SPLAS  I  PhD student

G Knock  I  The Open University  I  Student

Kamran Dad  I  University of St Andrews  I  Student

Lucy Welch  I  Birkbeck University  I  Student

Ekaterina Nikitina  I  University College London  I  Student

Prof.  Aileen McHarg  I  University of Durham  I  Law School  I  Edinburgh Alumna

Jo Marshall  I  University of St Andrews and College of Law Alumna  I  Solicitor of England and Wales

Margaret Robertson  I  University of Stirling  I  Alumna  I  Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist

Jonathan Calder  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus and Lecturer

Nicky Neighbour  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Caroline Young  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Rachel Sarah Welsh  I  Glasgow Caledonian University  I  Alumna

Hilary Mark  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Vivienne Timmins  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Melissa Titus  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Paola Buonadonna  I  Edinburgh University  I  Alumna

Verdi Wilson  I University of Edinburgh  I Alumna 

Jennifer B  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Susan Moffat  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Mariana Yarnold  I  University of Buenos Aires  I  Alumna

Savitri Holmstrom  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Thomas Sargeant  I  University of Reading  I  Alumnus

Lynne Clark  I Open University  I  Student

Marilyn Taylor  I  Edgehill University  I  Retired Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology 

Dr Jill Steans  I  University of Birmingham  I  POLSIS  I  Retired

Susan Pagella MA MSc MA  I  Trauma Specialist

Emma Cowdrill  I  Women & Girls Development Officer, Hampshire Cricket Board

Amy Taylor  I  Open University  

Dr Diane Brewster  I  Open University

John McInnes  I  University of Glasgow  I  Alumnus

Diana Bailey  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Linda Hart D.SocSc  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Independent Researcher in social sciences  I  Alumna

Catherine Chalmers  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Alex Jack  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus 

Naomi Marks  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Karyn Don  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Stuart Swanston  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus 

Dr Emily Wheater  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Nicola Carruthers  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Elaine Steven  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Tony Hutson  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus

Alison McDonald  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Archie Flockhart  I University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus

Mark Stephen  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus

Karen Fountain nee Hill  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Alison Whiteford  I University of Edinburgh  I Alumna

Nicola Murray  I  Edinburgh University  I  Alumna

Dr. Grace Barnes  I  University of Edinburgh  I Alumna 

Mairi MacIver  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Alan Hennes  I  Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh  I  Alumnus

Karen Kennedy  I  King’s College London  I  Alumna

Derek Healy  I  Oxford University  I  Alumnus

Sarah Gelmer  I  Cambridge University I  Alumna

Susan England  I University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Iain Armstrong  I  University of Edinburgh  I Alumnus

Alastair Johnson  I  Edinburgh University  I  Alumnus

Kate Alexander  I University of Edinburgh I  Alumna

Jonathon Harris  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Natalie Roberstson  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Veronica McCall  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Rosemary Tilley nee Henley  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Mrs Ann Hall  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna

Eileen Thomas  I  University of Edinburgh  I Alumna 

Mo Gillespie  I  University of Glasgow  I  Alumnus  

Laura Hacking  I  University of Cumbria  I  Alumna

Richard Calver  I  University of Oxford  I  Alumnus

Elisabeth Watts  I  University of Edinburgh  I Alumna

Dr. Lorrie Girard-Nolan  I  University of Toronto I  Alumna

P Cumberland  I  University of Bradford  I  Alumna 

Naomi Haddow-McKitterick  I  Glasgow Caledonian University Graduate  I  Alumna

Maria Garrido  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumna 

Mark McConville  I  University of Glasgow  I  Alumnus

Jacob Lincoln  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus

Donald MacKenzie  I  University of Edinburgh  I  Alumnus 

Liz Armstrong  I  University of Warwick  I  Alumna

David Palmer  I  University of St Andrews  I  Alumnus

Amanda De Lussey  I  University of Glasgow  I  Alumna

Joanna Foster  I  University of Cambridge  I  Alumna 

Annie McDowall  I  University of Sussex and Open University  I  Alumna

Sarah Walker  I  University of East Anglia  I  Retired

Eileen Potocnak Arnold, BS, MS  I  University of Maryland  I  Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Engineering  I  Alumna

Dr Viv Pointon  I  Retired University Lecturer

Dr Lucy Hunter-Blackburn  I  Murray Blackburn Mackenzie 

Susanna Rustin  I  The Guardian  I  Leader writer

Dr Julia Gasper  I  Advisory committee AFAF

Andrew Neish KC  I  Alumni For Free Speech  I  Director

Dawud Islam I  RESPECT   I  Former Deputy Leader 

Gail Cameron  I  Woman’s Place UK Director

Ali Ceesay  I  Woman’s Place UK Director

Cathy Devine  I  Woman’s Place UK Director  I  Independent Researcher

Philipa Harvey  I  Woman’s Place UK Director

Sarah Johnson  I  Woman’s Place UK Director

Kim Thomas  I  Woman’s Place UK Director

Kiri Tunks  I  Woman’s Place UK Director

Lisa-Marie Taylor  I  CEO FiLiA

Onjali Rauf  I  Founder and CEO of Making Herstory

Dani Ahrens  I  Brighton Women’s Liberation Collective

Jean Hatchet  I  Feminist writer and activist

Pauline Gray  I  Forth Valley Feminists

Scottish Feminist Network

Fiona McAnena  I  Fairplay For Women

Oxford Feminist Union 

L Williams  I  Women’s Voices Matter 

Cat Dyson  I  Women’s Rights Network Greater Manchester

Emma Perry  I  Women’s rights Network Southark

Beatrix Campbell OBE  

Simon Fanshaw  I  Author and dissident diversity consultant

Colin Wynter I  KC

Michael Conroy  I  Founder Men At Work CIC

Emily Weir  I  Gender Critical Autistics

Alice Bondi  I  Women’s Liberation Campaigner

Dr Yvonne Ridley  I  ALBA Party Nat. Women’s Convenor  I  Secretary General of European Muslims League (EML)

Carole Regan  I  Past President NUT

Dr Carole Helfter  I  UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology


Ria Chapman Teacher  I  Kat Busby-Hix  I  Sue Quinn Aziz  I  Rebecca Brueton  I  Jo Hill  I  Sarah-Louise Preston Support Worker  I  Ali Muirhead  I  Stacey O’Brien Carer  I  Dr. Judith Rowbotham I  Dr Mary Ann Stephenson  I  Mags Hodge  I  Miranda Yardley FCA  I  Lorna-Ann Vernon  I  Teresa Stuart  I  Susan McDonnell  I  Jocelyn Gaskell Administrator  I  Manick Govinda Arts writer/commentator  I  Beth Noakes  I  Lucy Rushbrooke Writer  I  Geraldine Rooney  I  Julia Edwards  I  Kelly Aitken  I  Amanda Doyle Carer  I  Jane Hickman  I  Alison Whaley  I  Kerri Byrne  I  Carolyn Dugdale Chartered Accountant  I  Liz Garner Complementary health  I  Julie Hornsby   I  Margeret Gibson  I  Janet Lott  I  Jane Roffe Translator  I  Clare O’Riordan  I  Dr Gillian Dalley  I  Sara Stewart Retired Social Worker  I  Kerryann Lund  I  Keturah Garvey  I  Maureen Chadwick Writer Producer  I  Suzie Robertson  I    Jackie Cowper  Journalist  I  Elizabeth Armstrong Retired Headteacher  I  Sara Blake  I  Sue Walsgrove  I  Dr Brigid Cherry  I  Sue Robson-Catling  I  Cátia Freitas  I  Liz Day Counsellor  I  Cathy Wintersgill  I  Susan Mimnagh  I  Shelley DuCoeur  I  Tracy Duckett  I  Hazel Thornton  I  Katrina Glennie  I  Dr Tara Hughes  I  Deborah Hearne  I  Ms Linda Craig  I  Molly Hopkins  I  Victoria Hancock Enterprise Architect  I  Sue McGarry  I  Miranda Livermore  I  Carol Beckett  I  Laura Necchi-Ghiri Alcohol counsellor  I  Deborah Noon  I   Angela Pierce  I  Julie Simms  I  Katy Denniff  I  Claire Berry Event co-ordinator  I  Eve Turner  I  Jenny Biggs  I  Doreen Milne  I  Sarah Glossop  I  Dr Jean Ruane Retired nurse & senior lecturer  I  Dorothea Annison  I  R Grozier  I  Pat Arnott  I  Ann Brunton RGN Retired  I  Jennifer  Petrillo M.D.  I  Laura Palmer  I  Jeannie Mackenzie  I  Sam J Paechter  I  J Gregory  I  Andi Carre  I  Stella Falconer Retired Teacher  I  Marianne Madill Teacher  I  Claire Gibbs  I    Kathleen Jamaa  I  Audrey Ludwig Solicitor  I  Professor Helen Colley  I  Catherine Tetrick  I  Jan Usher Retired Librarian  I  Jenny Clarke Writer Retired Teacher  I  Kathryn Fuller  I  Kath Bird  I  Louise McDonald  I  Emilie Engdahl  I  Susie Burrows Retired Teacher, World of Inclusion  I  Nia Lloyd  I  Susie Maclean  I  Deborah Evans Solicitor  I  Denisea Fernandez PhD Candidate  I   Jo Robinson  I  Hazel- Mary Jackson  I  Caroline McCready Grammar school teacher  I  Sarah Veale  I  Kerry Kirkwood  I  Miss Shelley Dawson  I  Cheryl Thomson Woman  I  Sarah Millard  I  Dr Suzanne Gannon  I  Jenny Metcalfe  I  Andrea Burford Leicester Women’s Rights Network  I  David Pearce Director  I  Evelyn Silver Artist  I   Elaine Sandeman   I  Rosemary Eadie  I  Rachel Bell  I  Sarah Keenan Analyst  I    Dr Victoria Whitworth  I  Dr Victoria Whitworth  I  Kirsty Williams  I  Dr Sam Page Assistant Editor  I  Lynne Aspinall  I  Micheal Jarvie Writer  I  Kay Beaumont  I  Jim Thomas  I  Frances Younson  I  Andrea Brown  I  Dr Ann McConville Retired public health director  I  Carroll Powell Lawyer, BW Associates Ltd  I  Helen Saxby  I  Susan Dalgety  I  Mariana Yarnold  I  Margaret Bennett  I  Catherine Farrell Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist  I  Linda Shaw  I Fay Denton  I   Andrew Squires Education  I  John Paterson  I  Jessica Matthews  I  Toby Young General Secretary Free Speech Union  Laura Corballis  I  Laura Pascal  I Eileen Ashcroft  I  Sara Phillips-Evans Childcare provider  I  Mike Richardson Senior Learning Disability Nurse  I  Gemma Isaac  I Collette Walsh Journalist Laura Favaro  I  Claudia Clare Artist potter  I  Ruth Wilkinson Policy researcher  I  Angela Mulligan  I  Joanna Bowers  I  Nigel Calvert Teacher  I  Alice Heyward  I   Elaine McIntosh  I  Juliet Leadbeater  I  Moira Bell Solicitor  I  Laura Tennant Writer and Editor  I  Dr Pam Spurr  I  Mrs Nadia Lane Director  I  Judi Wilson  I  Anna Jose  I  Jasmine Spencer  I  Andrea Gillibrand  I  Dr. Maureen Child  I  Jennifer Lavey Housing Team Leader  I  Deborah Ryan Women’s and Children’s Advocate  I  Lee Copson Engineer  I  Dr Pete Whitelock  I  Myra MacDonald Author  I  Emma Hynes Staff Nurse  I  Eleanor Preece  I  Sandra Bagnall  I  Victoria Huddle  I  Ellen Philips  I  Michelle Davies  I  Ermine Avies  I  Orphelia Benson Feminist Writer  I  Kelly Atkins  I  Miss Sally Holt  I  Tony Doherty  I  Georgina Collins  I  Val Carpenter  I  Tina Ilsley  I  Dr M Fitzpatrick  I  Diana Mutimer  I  Jay Jaugey Edge Psychotherapist  I  Alison Simmons Volunteer, Kent Youth Justice Service  I  C Simpson MSc Public Image and Communicating Science  I  A Lester  I  Maggie McHale  I  Emma Hart  I  Dr Kate Baxter  I  Lisa Holstead  I  Jeannie Green  I  Lindsay Andrews  I  Hannah Fletcher  I  Wendy Durrell Art Therapist and Therapy supervisor  I   Julie Travis  I  Nancy Hutchings  I  Tracy Walker Engineer  I  Andrew McKie Writer/researcher  I  Alistair Moody  I   Julie Stafford  I  Sarah Keen  I  Rochelle Firth  I  Sarah Barratt  I  Leeann Dunleavy  I  KL Smith  I  Ruth Muirhead Retired Teacher  I   Elizabeth Gillam Music Teacher  I  Jesse Kauffman  I  Ms Margeret Covell  I  Alessandra Asteriti  I  Janet Seller  I  Dorinda Mills  I  Samantha Meadon  I Amanda Le Cudennec Retired Law Lecturer  I  Karen O’Neill  I  David Grove  I  Roger Glanville  I  Caroline Spry Film & TV Producer  I  Ruth Draper  Retired Educator  I  Andrea Jones  I  Lynn Marwood  I  Cadenza Smith  I  A Craig  I  Cheryl Inwood   I  Sally Cook  I  Patricia Allan Retired NHS Clinician  I  Gay Pilgrim  I  Lousie Thorburne  I  Mercedes Hudson  I  Emma Smith  I  Charlie Craig LadyGeekGeek Web Design  I  Jill Foster Journalist  I  Jo Bunting  I  Rev’d Sarah Bingham Baptist Minister  I    Neda Radulovic-Viswanatha  I  Ms Mandy Valerio Front of House Manager in Performance Art Center  I  Max Harris  I  Dr Mo Lovatt  I   Christine Hankinson Leeds Postcards  I  Jane Booty  I  Mike Starkey Writer  I  Jacqueline Wilson Student  I  Lisa Watkins EFL teacher  I  Eileen Ridley  I  Ruth Sutton  I  Barbara Walsh Journalist  I  Lesley Kirkwoo Solicitor  I   Clare Waters Woman  I  Caroline Scales Teacher  I  Clare Eddison    Science Teacher  I Celia Lacey  I  Mark Wesley Author Broadcaster  I  Debbie Walden Wren Kitchen  I  Susan Dawn Adult Human Female  I  Tania Smith  I  Jessica Winkler  I  Bridget McBeath Palmer  I  Philip Harper  I  Sarah Reddick  I  Emma Barraclough  I  Rebecca Durrand Further Education Lecturer  I  Ann Wilson CEO  I   Marianne Haggarty  I  Elspeth Cooper I  Monique Stone Nutritional Therapist  I  Helen Jones  I  Cedwyn Aled Teaching Assistant  I  Katharina Koschorreck  I  Cathryn Evans  I  Richard Scorer  I  Jane Waring Retired Teacher  I  Miriam Hedley  I  Allyson Gordon Developer  I   Lisa Roberts  I  Stacey Lion  I  Dr Colin Edwards  I  Dr K Smith  I  Dr Peter R Ashby Technical Services Officer  I  Carol Ackroyd  I  Catherine Duxbury  I  Laura Dale  I  Lynne Troughton  I  Kate Varlow  I  Regina Sebright  I  Reanne Anad King’s College London  I  Bonny Landsborough  I  Sibyl Grundberg  I  M Nolan  I  Diane Kearton  I  Georgina C  I  Elizabeth Morrison  I  Colleen McKenna  I  Paula Jackson-Key  I  Layla Evans Teacher  I  Anne Giegerich  I   Anne Dean Retired District Nurse  I  Sally Neale  I  Beryl Flatley Retired teacher  I  Karen Adams  I  Leigh Taylor  I  Suzanne Thompson  I  Rachel Jones  I  Zoe Richards I  Dr Lorraine Douglas Scottish Lesbians  I  Lisa Barclay  I  Pat Maceachen Retired Social Worker  I   Sue Fuller  I  Nicola Wallace  I  Angela Stewart-Park Designer  I  Stuart Matheson  I  Angela Fanton  I Roy Wilkes  I  Patricia Williamson  I  Mary Curran Mother of a daughter  I  Gayle Maciver Teacher Glasgow  I  Margaret Bailey  I  Emma Robertson Tutor in Adult Education  I  Anne Bevan  I  Jane Lloyd  I  Carolyn Kirkwood  I   Louise Keegan  I  Glyn Harries  I  Dee Sheehan  I  Dr. Andy MacGregor  I  Kay Warbrick  I  Sarah Morgan  I  Suzanne Malyon  I  Louise Sommerville Mother of Sons  I  Maria Gonzalez  I  Ms Maureen Purcell  I  Kitty Goodwin  I  Lorraine Olley  I  Miss Catriona McIntosh Registered Nurse  I  Liz Brealey  I Liz St Luce  I  Sue Teddern  I  Kate Graham Maths Teacher  I  David Oxley Information Security Consultant  I  Tracey Smith  I  Jo Riding Mother  I  Mary Vince Retired teacher  I  Elaine Thomson  I  Bridget Prince  I   Helen Donaldson  I  Aileen Phillips RMN  I  Christian Miller Concerned Adult Human Male  I  Diane Holyoak Teacher  I  Juliet Oosthuysen Communications Director  I  Elizabeth Harley  I  Vanessa d’Esterre DHR c/a, and NHS EbE  I   Andrea Peebles  I  Nina Wright Adult Human Female  I  Marc Czerwinski BSc Osteopath  I  Valerie Garwood  I  Julian Whitley Gardener  I  Chante Williamson  I  Myrtle K Caffyn  I  Judy Wykeham  I  Karen Thompson  I  Lindsey Copeland Midwife  I  Anne-Marie Gallagher Surf-Coach  I  Carolyn Brown Retired Psychologist  I  Ann Cole  I  Siu Lamb Contracts Manager  I  Maria MacLachlan Women’s Rights Campaigner  I  Laura Collman Lesbian Walk Leader  I  Dr. Tracey Eastaugh-Waring  I  Diane Jones  I  Sharon Scott  I  K Danowski  I  Julia Lamb Tod Retired Teacher  I John Gilham Alumna  I  Christina Whittaker  I  Mandy Bennett Adult Learning Manager  I   Carol Cook  I  Russell Moores Warehouse Manager  I  Kerry Riach  I  Alexandra Geddis Education consultant  I  Jason Jones  I  Charlotte Huggins Midwife  I  K Langley  I   Karen Harris  I Alistair Green  I  Raz Azam  I  Jane Booth  I Jackie Bale  I  Kellie Cochrane  I  Evelyn Stevenson  I  Shabanah Fazal Teacher  I  David Perkins Occupational Therapist  I  Elizabeth Lashhab  I  Sarah Clark  I  Ruby Lescott  I  Tracie Hammond  I  Bronwen Davies  I  Karen du Plessis  I  Alison Halliday  I  David Ryves Company Director  I  Rosie Johnston  I  Richard Little  I  Lucjan Karpinski  I  Belinda Mathias  I  Thomas Fitzgerald Archtect  I   Una Winfield Transwidow  I  F Walten  I  Helen Kenrick  I  Diane Mulvaner  I  Samantha Foster  I  Jennifer Thetford-Kay Former Registered Manager/Advanced Practitioner/Lecturer in H&SC/Researcher  I  Amy Carter  I  Ms Terry Vincent  I  Alison Wren  I  Pippa Booth  I  Yva Bourke  I  Dr Sarah Joan Moran Women’s Historian I  Clare Lynsey Specialist Advisor I   Lousie Shiers Registered Nurse  I  Martin Fradley  I  Sophie Hudson Mother  I  Sibyl Ruth Library Assistant  I   Kate Swanton  I  Rosa Borg  I  Lynette Vigrass Music teacher  I  Mary Watson  I  Laila Namdarkhan  I  Liane Timmermann  I  Lucy Farrington  I  Eva Eden  I  Marjory Millum Councillor  I   Clare Dyson  I   Sabine Einecke Midwife  I   Caroline Hardman Literary Agent  I  Renee Allen Mother  I  Helen Bailey  I  Jill Hirst Teacher  I   Suzie Love  I  Pip Lee  I  Bryn Powell  I  Sophie Gilbert  I  Steve Bratby Retired teacher  I   Amber Redish  Counsellor  I   Dr Rebecca O’Connor Doctor  I  David Axe Together Association  I   Stephanie Garcia  I   Laura Davies  I  Mary MacCallum Sullivan  I   Sergio Amigo Theatre Director  I  Mary MacCallum Sullivan  I  Helen Raynor   I  Joanna McFadden  I   Catherine Mills  I  P Williams  I  Dr David Forrest  I  James Madden  I  Wendy Platt Teacher  I   Bernadette Halpin  I  Bea Jaspert Lecturer  I  Chloe Stanley  I  Andrea Wakefield  I  Isobel Baxter  I  Linda Pepper supporter of academic freedom  I  Dr Louise Kay  I  Sue Welsh  I   Jenny Donaldson  I  Margaret Bluman  I  Laura Amos  I  Julie Heathcote  I  Yvette Hunter  I  Julie Spencer  I  Alison Murray Teacher  I  Jonathon Ritchie  I  J Rutter  I  Claire Barnes  I  David Steele Guitar Tutor  I  Susan Watling  I  Maxine Harrison Business Owner  I  Marijke Acket Psychotherapist  I  Hilary Baxter  I  Krishna Chavda Illustrator  I   Ruth Serwotka  I  Kath Rogers ex-Senior Lecturer UWE  I  Sarah Burns  I  Julia Mathias  I  Fi Thomson PA  I   Charmain Nicholas  I  Mary Hanson  I  Laura Gordon Technical Analyst  I  Julie Stacey  I   Gail Ennis  I  Penny O’Donnell  I  Nicola Todd  I  Christine Cavell-Sibley  I  Nicki Laing Tutor  I  Anna Lockhart  I   Rose Sanders  I  Andria Haffenden  I  Cath Ingham  I  Joanna Young  I  Dr Elena Softley  I  Sarah Green  I  Jo Cadigan  I  David Clater  I  Siobhon Walker  I  Theresa MacGillivray  I  Jinny Donnelly  I  Linda Hudspeth  I  Kath Taylor  I  Rose Seabury   I   Susie Collcutt  I  Dr Jenny Paton  I  Genene Collins  I  Carol Spencer  I  Kenris MacLeod  I  Dr Tom Barney  I  Judy Webb Retired Civil Servant  I   Isa Henderson Company Director  I  Katherine Browne  I  Ann Loretto  I  Veronica Howe  I  Beverley Dale  I  Rebecca Lee  I  Kate Buchanan Mother  I  Constance Kavanagh  I  Diana Peek  I  Susan Stephenson  I  Edward Wynn Chief Executive Officer  I  Kimberley Scott  I  Milli Hill Author  I  Shell Lynch  I  Kate Bromwich-Alexandra Women’s Rights Activist  I  Eleanor Martin I  Geraldine Murray BA (Hons)UEA  I  Lorraine Skorupska Teacher  I  Chris Henderson  I  I Taylor  I  James Proctor Registered Nurse – Mental Health  I  Amanda Robinson Teacher  I  Katie Toal  I   Ash Harrison  I  Dr Martin Taylor  I  Mrs J Fowler  I  Mrs R Ure  I  Dorothy Pearlman WRN  I   Claire Barraclough  I  Joanne Akers  I  Agneis Quinn  I  Kathleen Leeson  I   Ann Hansen Chartered Accountant  I  Margaret McPhail   I  Paula Morris  I   Elizabeth Gray  I  Lorraine Hart  I  Elizabeth Thompson  I  Sandy Matheson Music Therapist Retired  I  Ian Clague  I  James Cruickshank  I  Marie Connolly  I  Mathius Bjørnliund Historian  I  Jean Kelly PA  I  Shonagh Glen  I  Fiona Vigar  I  Dr S Morrow  I  Pepa Tejedor  I  Jenny Kendrick  I  Caroline Barlow  I  Alasdair Stokeld Psychotherapist  I  Denise Johnston Project Manager  I  Margaret Egrot Independent Advisor   I  Lucy Bassnett-McGuire  I  Dr John Newell Research Scientist  I  Martin Neill  I  Gen Bland  I  Dr Robin Ion  I  Lee McVicar  I   Catherine Morton  I  Ruth Ehrlich  I  Shiela Allan Master of Public Health  I  Michele Gonzalez  I  Lisa Rattray  I  Kelly Miller  I  Peter Mountford-Smith  I  Anni McBride  I  Susan Flint  I  Sophia Newall  I  Jo Harrison  I  Nicola Burkinshaw  I   Elizabeth Campbell poet and teacher  I  Johann Duffy  I  Yvonne Stevenson-Robb  I  Richard Bath  I  Kate Berisford  I  Jeff Shepherd  I  Karen Moorcroft  I  Alison Shephard  I  Cheryl Thompson  I  Levi Pay  I  Serena Dool  I  Joanne Evans Nurse Practitioner  I  Sue Cudlip Cook  I  Tracy Taylor  I  Katherine Jackson  I  Samantha Leigh  I  Catherine Evans  I   Lisa Macpherson  I  Maureen Reilly Social Worker  I  Nathalie Kail  I  Ian Galbraith Autism Practitioner  I  Elizabeth Cullen  I  Julie Murphy Retired Lecturer  I  Cheri Dedja  I  Stella Kingett  I  Dipal Patel  I  Valerie Letondeur  I  Cathy Stanford  I  Natasha Grover  I  Dr Jan Musil  I  Victoria Knight  I  Lorraine Leary  I  Ruth Conlock  I  Marian Galton  I  Robyn Inglis  I  Tina Maison  I  Julia Hearley  I  Carolyn Kent Senior Lecturer  I  Deborah McInnes  I  Kathrine Harstad  I  Helen Bishop St Andrews and Kings College Alumna Hackney Labour Women’s Declaration and London LWD network   I  Barney Green Physiotherapist/ Mental Health consultant  I  Corinna Smart Retired Secondary School Teacher  I  Maggie Peirce Retired teacher  I   L Broom  I  Paula Williams Teacher  I  Darlene Davis MacLean  I  Drew Gormley  I  Rebecca Lush  I  Ruth Cooke Conservation management  I  Tony Chilver  I  Ryan Johnston  I  Benjamin Chayes  I  Caroline Jones  I  Clare Hewitt  I  Ellen McCarthy  I  Linda Hart  I  Laura Briggs  I  Valentina Furlong  I Satu Rommi Writer  I  Kaye MacGregor  I  Sal Grover CEO Giggle I  Janet Holland  I  Dr. Morag MacSween  I  Phillip Lamb  I  Caroline Morrin  Community Healthcare  I  Lousie Horler  I  Fiona Green  I  Laura King  I  Thomas Morris  I  Pól Ó Duibhir  I  Susan Carlyon NHS  I  Frank Eigler  I  Susan Smith  I  Tony Hinton Consultant Surgeon  I A Weelan  I Alejandra Barrera  I  Anthony Hall  I  Richard Stewart  I  Carol Ettershank   I  Dr. Vickie Curtis  I  Dr. Lyndsay Davies  I  Mrs Di McMillan  I  Peter J Lee Chartered Engineer  I  Mr James Aldous-Ball   I   Sue Farrow  I  Julie Wood Director  I  Carol Honeybun-Kelly Charity Sector  I  Judi Reid  I  Colleen Fisch  I  Anita Ramberg  I  J Bartlett  I  Juder Conner  I  Amanda McGrath  I  Courtney Peyton  I   Lisa McLeod  Grandmother and mother  I  Maddy Lochorne Childrens’ Support Worker  I  David Haas Filmmaker  I  Katy Wainwright Researcher  I  Claire Taylor  I Jagruti Naik  I  Ing Ås  I  Mathew John Pallett  I  Leslie McKitterick  I  Pauline Radford  I  Ali Morris Specialist VAWG Social Worker  I  Christine Doherty  I   Sinead Helyar NHS Nurse  I  Ms Sue Peters  I  Pamela Armstrong  I  Ash Singal  I  Jeremy Wickens Semi-retired Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics  I  Micheal Saunders  I  Scott Macdonald Engineer  I  Adrian Matthews  I  Jane Elliott  I  Ulla Spansdahl ICU Nurse retired  I  Rebecca Wilkinson Merchandiser  I  Linda Connelly Accountant  I  Charlie Kidd  I  Jana Mackay Retired Family Nurse Practitioner  I  Dr. Mireille Pouget Retired European Education Consultant  I  Tracey Morgan  I  Pam Finch Social worker retired  I  Stephan Madill  I  Nathan Williams Documentary Film Maker  I  Dr. John McAteer  I  Nicola Samels Data manager  I Jaye Nolan Charity Manager  I  Julie Matthews  I  Gillian Hughes, retired  I  Jo Wright  I  Monica Bijok, Teacher  I  Paul Hackett, Psychotherapist  I  Kerry Grimshaw  I  Kevin McAuley  I  Debbie Summers  I  Kathryn Johnson  I  Jayne Thomas, Psychotherapist  I  Becca Thomas  I  G Griffen  I  Yvonne Manly  I  Heather Macfarlane  I  Kate Mawby  I  Dr Britt Harrison, Universities of York, Hertfordshire, & London – Alumna  I  Matia Perez-Minguez, Filmaker  I  Linda Newman  I  Emma Patil  I  Claire Hewson  I  Derrick McGuire, Member of the Public  I  Susan Cuthbertson  I  Tony Pieromaldi  I  Harvey Andrews, ex schoolteacher  I  Dr Helen Cope, Edinburgh University MBChB  I  Jo Burton  I  Mary-Lee Bouma  I  Lisa Randall, Stirling University, Alumni  I  Carol Bailey, Freelance Indexer  I   Jessica Bartos  I  Paula Prynn, Film/TV line producer  I  Pamela Downie  I  Elizabeth Fairclough  I  Ruth Todd, Socialist  I  Maria Braithwaite  I  Evelyn Jones, Home ruler  I  Emma Whitford  I  Stewart Gibb-Lodge, Actor  I  Dr Holly Gordon  I  Liz Holt  I  Sylvia Maguire  I  Elaine Shimmin, BSc East London University, Retired  I  Bernie Mayall, Director  I  Carol Charters, Edinburgh University Nursing Alumni  I  Rachel Amdurer  I  Patricia RN,BA. Scully, Registered Nurse  I  Celia Kerr  I  Neil Conlock, Retired Mental Health Nurse  I  Alex Maunder Taylor  I  Lynn Massey-Davis, Specialist Teacher  I  Claire Mansfield  I  Ella Zwart  I  Louise Grimmer  I  Pegler Swift  I  Dr Rebecca Rose Stanton  I  Dawn Jones, Carer  I  Diane Cartwright, Glasgow Uni alumni, Civil servant  I  Miriam Gamble  I  Ms H Wojtczak MA, FRHistS, Social historian  I  Sarah Morgan  I  Sarah Ramsey, Dr I David Greig, Scientist  I  Jules McCahill  I  Martin Brown  I  Keith Lauchlan, Publisher  I  Camille Loftus, University College Dublin, Graduate  I  Serena Arif, Senior Partner  I  Sarah Jenkin, Writer  I  Linda McQueen, Editor at a university press  I  Isobel Delussey, Retired Head Teacher Dip Ed. ACE NFf  I  Siobhan Noble  I  Linda Graham, Cleaner Edinburgh Council  I  Lesley Johnston, Welfare Rights Officer  I  Annemarie Ward  I  Iain Macpherson, Husband, father, grandfather  I  Karen McElroy   I  John Dickinson  I  Dianne Vine  I  George Nugent, Caledonian University, Senior Software Engineer  I  Janice Middleton  I  Barry Turnbull, Senior Chartered Chemical Engineer  I  Susan Doherty  I  Fiona Martin  I  Bronwen Dickenson  I  Alan Belbin, Retired GP  I  Simon Cole-Hamilton  I  Shona Brown, BDS LLP University of Edinburgh  I  Philippa Smart, Solicitor  I  Leigh Ann Byrne  I  Milan, father of Minimicroeconomics, Business Accuracy Business and its tools Fargo, retired  I  Rae Livingstone  I  Sara Waterson BA Hons  I  Caroline McManus, Alumni Edinburgh University Nursing Studies, Practice Nurse  I  Laurie Black, Teacher  I  Dr Morag Kerr, SRUC (Retired)  I  Elizabeth Sannachan  I  Sam Malcolm  I  Maria Jones, Staffordshire University, Teacher  I  David Duncan, University of Edinburgh, Alumna  I  Iris Lee  I  Emily Figon, University of York, Student  I  Babs Francisco  I  Paula Reynolds, Headteacher  I  David Jones, Writer and Trade Unionist  I  Dr Helen Saddler  I  Alex Sedgwick, University of Hertfordshire, Student  I  Dr Catherine Evans, Retired associate lecturer  I  Steven Gray, Son, brother, father.  I  Anna Daniel  I  Carolyn Murray  I  Brian McCulloch, BSc (Open) OU Graduate, actively retired septuagenarian  I  Carla Jamieson  I  Carol Shaw  I  Paul Kellett  I  Frances Lynn  I  Margaret Blakemore  I  Janis Packham  I  Sam Rowles, Self Employed  I  Julie Fisher  I  Paul Gibb  I  Jan Deken, Director  I  Susan Smedley  I  Angela Dennis  I  Hayley Macpherson  I  Joanna Williams, Author  I  Susan Simms, Education provider  I  Linda Miller, Director  I  Jo Reilly  I  Eirene Mitsos I  Karen Jones Edinburgh Alumna  I  Richard Collumbell  I  R Cross  I  Jeanette McCrimmon  I  Dr Anne Robertson, University of Edinburgh (retired)  I  Catherine Davis  I  Catherine Scott Plummer, Vet  I  Ana Ribeiro  I  Carolyn Maile, Academic  I  Mrs Pat Cruse, Retired Speech & Language Therapist  I  Karel Dander  I  Sheena Grindley, woman  I  Han Fleming, Adult Human Female  I  Karen Smith  I  Natascha Wolf, Bath Spa University alumni  I  Gordon Dangerfield, Solicitor Advocate  I  Jo Beedell  I  Tony Dowling, University of Sunderland alumnus, Retired teacher, Gateshead NEU  I  Alissa Pemberton  I  Ellen Kemp, Midwife  I  Stephanie Danson, Mother of a daughter applying to University  I  Marcelle Hogg  I  Rebecca Winter  I  Raúl Pancholi  I  Anna Fox, University of Liverpool  I  Dr Kate Souper, Retired Doctor   I  Brenda Morgan, RMN  I  Margo Gillies  I  Gill Rimmer  I  Tiffany Jenkins, Author  I  Iain Ingram  I  Fiona Martin  I  Megan Dobney  I  Jenny Cowgill  I  Fiona Walker  I  Kathryn Ryan, University of Manchester Alumna  I  Chris Randall  I  Sara Nichols  I  Rchard Rieser, World of Inclusion  I  Cindy Douglas  I  Linda Taylor  I  Samantha Parker Brown  I  Emilia Merenmies  I  Esther Morrison, Administration Assistant  I  Caroline Kerr  I  Monika Neall  I  Rhiannon Carney  I  Charles Britton  I  Sharman Dunn, University of Sussex, retired  I  Linden Asj, None, Retired  I  Cameron Sutherland  I  Anna Arthur  I  Vicky Fletcher  I  Caroline Campbell  I  Maggie Jones  I  Tracey Logan, University of Leicester, Dr  I  Winifred Greenhalgh, Artist  I  Louise Hogg, Graduate and former Science staff member, Former technician  I  Margaret Kane-Dickson, Public Health Professional  I  Andy Low  I  Michelle Dibble, MASC FASC Stress Counsellor  I  Rachel Nankervis  I  Louise Chivers, Senior social worker  I  Deborah Mylonas, Retired Primary Teacher  I  Dr. Patricia Critchley, Retired General Practitioner  I  Emma Webb, Delivery Manager  I  Abigail Briggs, Midwife  I  R Taunton  I  Faith Chmura, Company Director  I  Russell Sugden  I  Mrs Sian Muthusamy  I  Mimi Turner  I  Stephanie Sprake, Chartered Accountant  I  Hayley Bennett, The Open University  I  Rachel Hay  I  Hannah Adeberg  I  Kelly Blanchard  I  Fiona Crowe  I  Chelsie Reynolds, Administrator  I  Maria Sands, Housing Advice Worker Children in care and care leavers  I  Lau McKeown  I  Lynnette Meek Griffiths, Retired Nurse  I  Amanda Curtis-Wilson, Consultant  I  Ali Anderson, Senior Research and Media Manager  I  Emma Williamson, (Previously) University of Bristol, (Previously) Associate Professor  I  Judith Berridge  I  Pam Isherwood, Adult Human Female  I  Peter Collins  I  Andrea Robertson  I  Harriet Jones, Production manager  I  Delyth Rennie  I  Val Hirst, Magazine Editor  I  Elaine Coates  I  Rita Rake, Adult human female  I  Monica Gracia Mayor, University of Zaragoza, Alumna  I  Sara White, University of Oxford, Alumna  I  Murray Ferguson, Aberdeen University/ The Open University Alumnus  I  John W. Cairns, University of Edinburgh, Professor of Civil Law  I  Alex Gordon, President, RMT  I  Gillian Harmer  I  Andrea Barrett  I  Marie Theresa Murphy, Registered Nurse Retired  I  Helen Caulfield  I  Dr Bev Morris, Executive Director, Marvellous Minds  I  Anne Johnson  I  Michael Herbert, Freelance labour historian  I  Amy Williams, Chef  I  Rachel Murphy  I  Shiona McArthur, Criminology Programme Leader – retired  I  Liz McClure  I  Lizzie Rommelly lawyer, retired I  Marilyn Badger, Retired civil servant  I  Helen Bishop, retired teacher, alumna of St Andrews Univ and Kings College London  I  Jennifer Hancock, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, alumna  I  Jo Gaylor  I  Sharon Turner  I  Liz Hall, Arts Director  I  Judith Hall  I  Kate Grimes, NHS Hospital CEO (retired)  I  Christine Lynch  I  Jasmin Harvey, Adult Human Female  I  Louise Lambert  I  Dr Nik Jewell, Ex-academic philosopher  I  Ms Susie Nelhans, Artist  I  Annie Stevens  I  Chuck Zak  I  Diane Corbett, Technical project manager  I  Manuela Herrera, Psychologist  I  Karen Abram, University of Wolverhampton, Psychology  I  Prof. Louise Barrett, University of Lethbridge, Canada  I  Susanne Spiller  I  Tracy Shringarpure, Writer/Director  I  Hannah Cunliffe  I  David Reman  I  C Smith, University of Edinburgh Alumni  I  Yvonne Dziennik, Retired teacher  I  Morag Scott-Smith  I  Susannah Fanshawe M.A., (Adult Human Female)  I  Sadie Shole, Edinburgh University Graduate  I  Jan Barker, Retired Local Councillor  I  Tamsin Evans, teacher  I  Sue Fidler  I  Lisa Spencer  I  Jay Sylvester  I  Jacqui Gauld  I  Kay Green  I  Ali Banwell, Advocate  I  Harriet Mckenzie  I  Jillian Logie, Dentist (retired)  I  Miss Diana Faro-Rodriguez  I  Mike Mackay, Environment analyst  I  Angela Bagnall  I  Magda Kritzinger  I  Sally Richardson  I  Robert Thomas, Retired educator  I  Helen Black  I  Susan Hrubis  I  Louise Lyons, Artist  I  Mrs Penny O’Regan, Retired Solicitor  I  Samantha Lawson, Care manager  I  Jonathan Hartley, Retired trade union official  I  Imogen Thorpe I  Morag Richardson, University of Edinburgh, Alumna  I  Campbell McGregor, University of Glasgow, Alumnus  I  Dr Alan McManus, Wrongfully Dismissed for Freedom of Expression by the University of Glasgow  I  Carol Gibbons  I  Sherry Ann Sweeting  I  Jeannine Parent, Retired Library Technician  I  Paul O’Kell  I  Sarah Price, University of Edinburgh alumna  I  Jayne Walker, Associated Health Professional  I  Leanne McAllister, University of Edinburgh, Alumna  I  Annie Woodman, Edinburgh resident and parent  I  Julia Ship  I  Dr Caroline Miley, Retired Lecturer, University of Melbourne  I  Susan Forbes, CBT Psychotherapist  I  Stephen Holder  I  Dr Natalie Roberts, Clinical psychologist  I  Hilary Axelrod  I  Delia Morris, Retired nurse/social worker  I  Dr Kerry Neilson, General Practitioner, family medicine.  I  Emma Roberts  I  Antonia Robinson, Educational Consultant  I  Thane Prince  I  Alison Heyworth  I  Fionne Orlander,  I  Mrs Maria Medhurst, B.A.(Hons)  I  Mairi Logie, Teacher  I  Laura Henderson  I  John McInally  I  Mrs Alice Mathewson  I  Paula Clarke  I  Miss Janellen Scott  I  Kate Stevenson  I  Graeme Chesser  I  Laura Gustine  I  Elizabeth Maiden, University of Huddersfield  I  Sarah Gregory, Information consultant  I  Nick Perry, Teacher  I  Lucy Brownhall  I  Angus Allan, Parent  I  Carol Bartle, Policy Analyst  I  C Charlton, Speech and Language Therapist  I  Stephen McNamara  I  Debbie Hayton, Teacher  I  Siobhan OFarrell  I  Corina Heijne  I  Paula Byrne  I  Frankie Lawrence MA, Retired  I  Sharon Croxall, Administrator  I  Simone Mckeon, Retired  I  Louise Mullin  I  Federica De Mitri  I  Jules Duncan, Concerned Mother  I  Julia Reynolds  I  Alison Macgregor, Retired  I  Mary Crawford, Woman and Mother  I  Nicola Naughton, Retired Teacher  I  Morag Correa, Speech and Language Therapist  I  Sue Raw, Retired  I  Jack Rojas Powell, Social Prescriber  I  Ruth Farnell  I  Rebekah Sharpe  I  Beverley Miller, Retired Teacher/Academic  I  Gina Burton  I  Dr Lauren Quigley, Edinburgh University alumna, Clinical Psychologist  I  Penny Neu  I  Rona Dawson  I  Michelle Marshall  I  Magdalen Evans  I  Mary Laverty, Woman  I  Shaun Yule  I  Trezza Azzopardi, Writer  I  Pauline Lamb  I  Dr Victoria Boyes  I  Richard Keatley  I  Joyce Gillies-wilkie, Retired biomedical scientist  I  Sall Grover, CEO, Giggle For Girls Pty Ltd  I  Val White  I  Jonathan Isherwood  I  Andrew Noble  I  Andy Gilmour, English Language Teacher  I  Jackie Segell, Retired teacher  I  Andreia Nobre, Journalist and Writer  I  Elaine Fegan, Self Employed  I  Samantha Murdoch  I  Anna Telford, Council administrator  I  Danielle Purkiss-Hewlett  I  Helen Soutar  I  Tamzin Baxter, Edinburgh alumni  I  Madeleine Boneham  I  Evie Williamson  I  Jane  I  Cardy, Manchester, Marketing Assistant  I  Kate Roxburgh  I  Alen Mathewson BSc (Hons) St Andrews, n/a  I  Kathryn Pope PCC, Executive Coach  I  Lynda Hardie  I  Caroline Adams, Photographer  I  Caroline Tait  I  Catriona McKinlay, Gardener  I  Julia Lence  I  M Osner  I  Emma Donaldson, Teacher and University Guidance Counsellor  I  Liane Cusack  I  Dr Anne Woodhouse, Consultant Clinical Psychologist  I  Anna Rose  I  Donald Jardine, University of Edinburgh, Alumnus  I  K McGill  I  Dr Helen Rogers, Former university lecturer  I  Jo  I  Joelle Calnan, Social worker  I  JP  I  Rebecca Millburn, Charles Sturt University, Social worker  I  Kate Webster  I  Anne Galloway, No, Retired  I  Gráinne McKeown  I  Justin Webb  I  Ann, Director of Studies  I  Stephanie A Keenan  I  Amanda Brehaut  I  Fiona Assersohn  I  Ilona Wewiorski, Writer and Founder Member of No Entry  I  Shelley  I  Anthea Baxter, Mental Health Advocate  I  L Law, Concerned Professional  I  Sian, MSc (Edinburgh)  I   Laura Whyte  I  Jenny BSc (Hons) Edinburgh  I  Margaret Green, Margaret Green  I  Hayley  I  Ellie MacGregor  I  Janet Bull  I  Jane N, Parent of student  I  Mhairi McKinlay  I  Amanda Duncan  I  Denise Fahmy  I  Jane Ralley, Artist  I  Sinéad Flannery  I  Tracey Saunderson  I  Emanuela Evangelisti  I  Jennifer Buckley, University of Glasgow alumna  I  Jayne Egerton, Radio Producer   I  Fiona  I  Elaine Wood  I  Stacey, Teacher  I  Erica Jones, N/A  I  Professor Michele Moore, Independent Consultant  I  Melanie Jones  I  Dr K Sharma, NHS Doctor  I  Catherine Temple  I  Elaine Bryson, Edinburgh University Graduate  I  Nicola Carr   I  Kirsty McPheely  I  Susan Ram, University of York and University of Sussex alumna, Writer and editor  I  Christine Boulter   I  Pen Lindsay  I  Sarah, UCL  I  Alicia Sufit, Artist & Musician  I  Steve Barker, Broadcaster & writer  I  R Moore  I  Helen Catherine, Disabled  I  Hanora Crowley  I  Samina Deodar, Student  I  Jan, Artist  I  Lynette, Production Executive, TV  I  Jess Smith  I  Lindsay  I  Tracey  I  Suzanne Crighton  I  Sally Jackson  I  Angela Ramsay  I  Mrs Mary Shirkie   I  Michael Shirkie  I  Dr Rosemary Sales  I    Dr. Lou Lester  I   Dr Helen Green  I  Kathy Stephn  I  Daphne Roy  I  Fay Boans  I    Caroline McManus BScNursing Studies Uni of Edinburgh  I  Ms Abercrombie  I  Mariana Flor English Teacher  I  Chris Doherty retired Social Worker  I  Max Dunbar  I  R K Chahal  I  Olivia Anstee  I  Ms. Anna Masciovecchio  I  Lauren Jacobson  I Alison Rixon  I  Francesca Platt  Director of a not for profit community organisation, supporting Women who are survivors of sexual violence  I  Amanda Smith, PHD Marketing manager  I  Penny Clarkson  I  Louise Rutherford  I  Irene Lomax Retired Counsellor  I  Dr Judith Dodds Community Paediatrician  I  Maria Esposito  Film maker  I  Sally Welford  I  Rebecca Eatwell Mental Health Nurse  I  Jenny Walsh  Occ therapist ret.  I  Mary Arigho, journalist  I  Liz Hopkinson Wildi MBACP SNR ACCRED Psychotherapist & Supervisor  I  Fiaza Manzoor  I  Sheila P Roderick  retired weaver  I  Kate Sawyer  I  Deb Swinney Coach  I  Natalie McLean Solicitor  I  Melanie Berry Teacher  I  Rachel Hill  I  Jan Ferguson   VAWG Support Worker  I  Noemi Gonzalez  Teacher -Secondary  I  Arlene Kincaid   Teacher  Jill Dallas    I  Louise Shaw    I  Ceri Dyke, Adult Human Female.   I  Jacqui Parry-Seal  Retired  I  Anne Burke  Retired Costumier  I  Fiona McBean   I  Jane Salisbury   I  Ms Helen Moore    I  Kath Hodson   I  Gaia Charis Retired lecturer/researcher  I  Clare Chalmers   I  Catherine Japp  Retired teacher I  Julie Rimington    I  Janette Leck   Registered Nurse – Adult (retired)  I  Prof. Liz Atkins  University of Derby   I  Alison  Educational Psychologist  I  Geraldine   Digital Skills Tutor  I  Paul Litterick, PhD (Auckland)   I  Sue Yendall    I  Louise Mumford  Conservator I  Gill Plant  Adult human female I  Bruce Findlay   I  Jenna   Self employed  I  Louise Bickley    I  CJ Queenan   I  Christine  University of Edinburgh  I  Fiona Wood  Teacher I  Ninian Bliss, retired.    I  Tracey Buchan   WBC I  Justine Hughes   I  Kathleen Nicholson    I  Roseann McKenna   I  Janette  Actor/carer  I  William  No Delivery driver  I  Zoe Gillespie   Teacher- secondary education  I  Shirley-Jane Merry   I  Adam Kissel   I  Noemi Gonzalez  Teacher Secondary School  I  Kirsty  Teacher  I  Dr Mark McKay Engineer  I  Dr Ian Gardner  Consultant & Independent Researcher I  Rachel Wainwright   Teacher I  Sean Parker MA  Editor, False Allegations Watch I  Alison Garraway   I  Donna Jameson  Teacher  I  Mrs Anna Lewis  Ophthalmic Surgeon  I  Dr Alex Gounaropoulos  Software developer  I  Jenny Payne  Retired headteacher I  Sophie Atherton  Writer & Journalist  I  Sadie Rees Hales   I  Niall Monk   I  Fran Craig    I  Sorrel Weaver   I  Linda Williams   I  Dr Zara Morris-Trainor  Head of Research & Policy, Sustainable Fibre Alliance I  Theo Hopkins  Lecturer in Furniture Design and Production. Retired  I  Thomas Dickson  Managing Director  I  Sarah Richardson    I  Jennifer Smith   I  Brian McCluskey   I  Paul Williams  Teacher I  Dr Gardner Moore   I  Sharon Byrne  United Nations Association Santa Barbara, delegate to UN Women Conference on the Status of Women I  Louise Healey-Gooding  Senior Lecturer of English & Theatre I  Joanna De Guia  Librarian I  Gwendoline Chapman  Mother Sister Daughter  Senior Community Development Worker 32yrs (retired) I  Vivien Fraser  Volunteer I  Tara Open University  Mature Student I  Rob Caiger   Music Producer I   Ali Morris  Specialist VAWG Social Worker I  David Sutton  UCU member Retired  I  Dominique Lavan   I  Denise McKeever  Business Mentor I  Heather  University of Glasgow  I  Gem Quinn    I  Carolyn brown  N/a Retired psychologist  I  Clive Simpson  Retired lecturer  I  John Eve   I  Paula Greening    I  Mr Ann Dolan  Retired I  Kathryn  Retired counsellor  I  Alison Croxford  Advanced Clinical Practitioner, NHS  I  Julie Mason  ODP I  Lorna Fitzpatrick   Retired Social Work Workforce Development Manager  I  Amanda McCann   I  Lizbeth Collie    I  Carina Bennet   HR Consultant I  Khalid Alvi  Electronics Design  Engineer  I  Gerard Clarke  Barrister I  Susan Holden  Teacher I  Jane Wainwright  Retired headteacher I  Peter Blackledge    I  Morag Chalmers  Retired I  Ms J Carter-Brown   Psychotherapist  I  Amanda  Registered Nurse I  Barbara Lapthorn   I  Lorraine Simpson Glasow Uni, undergraduate.   I  Hazel Tarragon    I  Eleanor Westminster Law School – post grad Entertainment Law TV Professional I  Christina Holland   I  Sarah Easen   I  Sheila Morgan  I  Stuart Randall BSc PGDE  I  Catherine Tetrick, Feminist

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