We are primarily a self-funding campaign.  Our funding mostly comes from ticket sales for our meetings and donations on-line through our PayPal account. We have been in receipt of some larger donations or grants.

Donations to Woman’s Place UK

Thank you for all your donations.

In the past three years, hundreds of individuals have funded our campaign with the average donation being £24. We are immensely grateful for this money and for your support.

We are also grateful to those of you have made cash donations at our meetings.

Please note that we cannot accept donations of more than £500 from anonymous donors or via PayPal. Any such donation will be returned to the donor. If you would like to donate £500 or more, please get in touch with us to discuss.

You can make a donation to us via our PayPal account.

How do we spend your money?

Read our financial statement here.

The money we have received has been used for campaigning and organising purposes, including:

  • Design, printing, publicity and distribution of flyers and factsheets
  • Travel Expenses for speakers
  • Hire of rooms or venues for public meetings
  • Hire of security (where necessary) for public meetings
  • Hire of audio-visual equipment for recording of events
  • Hire of rooms for planning meetings
  • Online packages for webinars
  • Fulfilling our commitment to making events accessible
  • Travel expenses for WPUK team members to meet
  • Purchase of promotional items (e.g. badges) to be sold at cost or as a fundraiser
  • Banners and other promotional items
  • Creation and maintenance of website
  • Legal action in line with our aims
  • Other campaigning opportunities that arise

Should the campaign come to an end, we will donate any remaining funds to women’s organisations with aims and objectives aligned with ours.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

We are often asked which organisations we would recommend for fundraising.  These are three organisations that we work with and have supported ourselves:

Centre for Women’s Justice

You can find out more about Centre for Women’s Justice here.


You can find out more about nia here.

Southall Black Sisters

You can find out more about Southall Black Sisters here.

Updated 8th March 2021