UK Labour signals key changes in policy

Labour signals key changes in policy
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Congratulations to Labour Women’s Declaration and all the individual members of UK Labour for their persistence over many years in winning this significant change in position from Labour.

Political change is not won by battling with people who agree with you. Neither can it be won by capitulating on your key principles and goals.

The persistent, patient, reasoned work done by Labour Women’s Declaration is an exemplary model of political organising.  We applaud them.

Respect is also due to those women members, councillors, MPs and representatives in the Lords who refused to stay quiet despite being subject to horrendous campaigns of abuse.

This collective tenacity has resulted in a win for women everywhere, regardless of political divide.

Woman’s Place UK and our supporters, have been a target of abuse by Labour Party members, Labour Party caucuses as well as the Party’s representatives and leadership.

Our campaign has been misrepresented and demonised even though Labour has now adopted significant aspects of our policy demands.

This battle is a reminder to us all, that women are still routinely dismissed and/or seen as dangerous when we speak out or demand our rights. However, it has also demonstrated – to politicians of every hue – that ignoring women is far more dangerous than demonising us.

The fight for women’s rights is not over. We cannot afford to trust politicians to ensure women’s needs are acknowledged and our rights protected. Rights are won and therefore must be defended. To accept the idea that rights are given, we must accept that they can be taken away.

The fight continues.

But this is a moment to recognise our growing collective power. This is a place from where we can move forward in strength and confidence.

We will be taking a break in August. We still have far to go to secure the policies that women and girls deserve. Many issues remain so we will be back in September to carry on holding politicians to account and to fight for a world in which everyone can thrive.

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