Solidarity with Selma Taha & Southall Black Sisters

Selma Taha and Southall Black Sisters

Southall Black Sisters have issued a statement on this incident, Who does the police work for?

On Friday 29th September Selma Taha, director of Southall Black Sisters (SBS) and her friends were subjected to a violent racist attack escalating from racist verbal abuse to a sustained physical assault resulting in injuries requiring treatment. 

A Metropolitan Police Officer  present has subsequently been referred to the IOPC, following a complaint about his conduct.  Only when Selma made her professional credentials known and said she would report the matter to the commissioner was the perpetrator detained.  Black and minoritised women are subject to racist abuse and violence all too frequently.  No victim should have to rely on their professional status or knowledge to receive such basic levels of police action.

Selma Taha is the Executive Director of the trailblazing and iconic Southall Black Sisters, and was formerly at proudly feminist nia, delivering  services for women and girls subjected to men’s violence. Her work, specifically on the needs of Black and minoritised women remains vital in the liberation of women. 

Last week’s racist attack on Selma Taha and the poor police response demonstrates how vital organisations like Southall Black Sisters are in challenging interpersonal and institutionalised racism and offering a dedicated service to Black and minoritised women. We know that racism thrives wherever it is not challenged, including in the Metropolitan Police #IStandWithSelmaTaha

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Selma Taha and Southall Black Sisters

Click to read the full SBS statement. SBS is actively involved in policing reform with the aim of making it more responsive to the women facing violence from Black, migrant and minoritised communities who come to us.

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