Support Julie Bindel

We are disappointed that The Guardian has made an editorial decision to ignore the views of women by not publishing our response to their mendacious account of the attack on Julie Bindel when leaving a meeting in Edinburgh. This attack is symbolic of all the verbal, physical, online and workplace violence faced by women who speak out on issues that affect them.
This was the letter we sent:

“The Guardian’s reporting of an attack on leading feminist Julie Bindel after a packed event in Edinburgh on Wednesday night is a travesty. We and many other women are outraged at the trivialisation of misogynistic violence.

The attack, which took place as Julie left and was witnessed by several people, was reported as though it was a minor detail in a story about members of an LGBT+ university group resigning in protest at the meeting.

The minimalizing of violence against women, and the implication that it is provoked by our behaviour, is dangerously commonplace in UK society. We are sickened to see The Guardian dancing to the same tune.

Journalism requires the reporting of facts as well as a narrative arc. By failing to properly report this act of violence against Julie Bindel, the Guardian has shown it is unworthy of its female readership and is part of the oppression we face.”

The list of names below is made up of the original signatories as well as people who subsequently added their names to show their support.

There are 1,009 names listed below.

We would like to thank everyone who has come out in support of Julie and all women who are fighting for their rights.

We will send this letter and list of signatories to the Editor of the Guardian to make sure they understand how strongly people feel about this article and to lobby them to take the concerns of women more seriously.

Thank you all very much

Woman’s Place UK

List of Signatories

Kiri Tunks, Co-founder WPUK

Judith Green, Co-founder WPUK

Ruth Serwotka, Co-founder WPUK

Karen Ingala Smith, CEO nia

Lisa-Marie Taylor CEO FiLiA

Helen Steel

Joan McAlpine MSP

Professor Rosa Freedman

Dr Gale Macleod

Professor Sarah Pedersen

Dr Shereen Benjamin

Claire Heuchan

Philipa Harvey, TUC Women’s Committee (pc)

Professor Alice Sullivan

Dr Holly Smith

Professor Sophie Scott

Professor Kathleen Stock

Professor Selina Todd

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans

Dr Laetitia Pichevin

Professor Debbie Epstein

Professor Lesley Gourlay

Raquel Rosario Sanchez

Holly Lawford-Smith

Ali Ceesay

Kim Thomas

Dr Jane Clare Jones

Abigail Burnyeat

Kay Green

Therese O’Meara

Jayne Egerton

Charlotte Delaney

Ruth Conlock

Cathy Devine

Rebecca Lush

Pilgrim Tucker

Jeni Harvey

Dr Louise Moody

Dr Emma Hilton

Angela Wild, Get the L Out

Maya Forstater

Cllr Sarah Field

Bea Campbell

Anna Morvern

Anita Rothon

Diane Jones

Dan Fisher, Editor in Chief, Uncommon Ground Media

Dr Victoria Whitworth

Kate Styles

Janet Fraser

Lorna Miller

Mark Hewitt

Valerie Stevens

Kate Scottow

Kirsty McKenzie

K J Stevens

Andi Lavery

Jean Bartrum

Emma Dolan

Andrea Davies

Grace Rungsee

Julie Scott

Sue Riley

Vanessa McCulloch

Geraldine Curtis

Sabrina Kaltner

Alexandra Ireland

Helen Saxby

Jenifer Lavery

Kruti Walsh

Emma Chesworth

Tish Naughton

Sibyl Ruth

Jo Colwell

Colin Chalmers

M Ranners

Michelle Reilly

Kate Makowiecka

Sarah Honeychurch


Emily Bland

Jill Gardner

Louise Somerville

Carrie Ann Reeve

Magdalena Zawojska-Smith

Magi Gibson

Chris McMurray

Carrie Ann Reeve

Anne Wilkinson

Jenny Ross

Bridget Palmer

Alison Simmons

Louise Pennington

Caroline McCready

Steph Booth

Francis Davidson

Jenny Bell

Paula Dauncey

Pippa Banham

Clare Sumner

Charlotte Mortimer

Deborah Cameron

Lynne Clark

Sandra Smith

Julie Armstrong

Anne Robinson

Sharon Clifford

Laura Hall

Bronwen Salter-Murison

Stacey Lyon

Kerry Daynes

Jacqueline Roberts

Maria Ezuanyamike

Lee Nurse

Emma Brooks

Maria Chapman

Linda Taylor

Cath Janes

Margaret Ann Merrick

Catherine Smith

Dr Madeleine Jowett

Catherine Bjarnason

Neil Anderson

Jeanette McCrimmon

Sarah McGrail

Daniel McBrearty

Amber Chapman

Penelope Kirwan

Jo Campbell

Marjory Smith

Lorraine Nutt

Trina Budge

Carolyn Bednarski

Marion Calder

Susan Smith

Barbara Buck

Kim Harding

Michaela-Clare Addison

Alison Breen

Sue Walsgrove

Dr Luisa Cescutti-Butler

Liz Lucas

Ann Sinnott

Hazel Tarragon

Norma Hurley

Melissa Kramer

Ceri Dyke

Sandra Easton-Lawrence

Milly Robbins

Dr Amanda Schierz

Lynn McGrath

Alison McQueen

Susan Flindt

Jane Tucker

Tania Elissa

Claudia Raven

Sue Henderson

Doreen Milne

Jacqui Spink

Anne Greagsby

Eleanor Byrne

Margaret Nelson

Tinnekke Bebout

Frances Gillard

Shirley Wishart

Sandra Salmon

Barbara Hughes

Sam Keene

Lesley Semmens

Sue White

Rob Harkavy

Jerry Ozaniec

Fiona English

Dawn Laker

Cathy Wintersgill

Hilary McCollum

Elizabeth Pickett

Bridget Lawless

Jo Hill

Jess Smith

Tracey Smith

J Gourley

Caroline Spry

Allison Downing

Marion Talbot

Barry Slater

Ken Stringer

Tania Ziegler

Alice Dawnay

Emily Weir

Celia Coulson

Mitch Taylor

Lorraine Simpson

Shelley Charlesworth

Annie Bishop

Leanne Bentley

Maria MacLachlan

Caroline Goode

Emma Hamilton

Val Garwood

Claire Wilson

Lavinia Mulholland

Dr Maya Bowen

Gaynor Harding

Patricia Spencer

Sheffield Women of Steel Resisters

C F Disleny

Alan Heness

Shelley Williams

Erika Luukas

Bronwen Davies

Lola Muñoz

Jody Drinkall

Katherine Aiken

Marjorie Caw

Annie Thomas

Miriam Yagud

Karen Broady

Catherine Muller

Lynn Alderson

Alice Bondi

Kate Jerrold

S J Atherton

Gwenan Richards

Lucy Masoud

Christine Radcliffe

Amber Ravenscroft

Diana Peek

Noele Pace

Sue Kay

Helena Coates

Natasha Samuel

Anne James

Kate Howard

Sarah Bowden

Ginny Eldridge

Lorrie Hartshorn

Alison Jenner

Corinne Judkins-Nugteren

Joy Saunders

Delyth Rennie

Laura Capnerhurst

Barbara Spence

Amy Eileen Hamm

Helen Gibson

Rachel Moles

Caroline Ezzat

Tonje Gjevjon

Elizabeth Lower

John Lish

Cathryn Atkinson

Philippa Hammond

Merri Ann Langhorst

Glynis Millward

Sasha Wilkins

Helen Joyce

Ruth Alinek

Jennifer Smith

Alex Pringle

Rachel Hardy

Jacky Girling

Cathi Wheatley

Carol Fraser

Fiona Macaskill

Claire Williams

Linda Van Bergen

Judith Jackson

Janice Vaughan

Anna Prats

Hugo Patton

Elizabeth Aitken

Sharon Jenkins

Sarah Johnson

Sue Taylor

Laura Tennant

Elizabeth Donnelly

Ophelia Benson

Anna Childs

Sue Welsh

Gita Sahgal

Bibi Shaw

Cathryn Evans

Roy Wilkes

Dr John Armstrong

Judy Mackenzie

Bea Jaspert

Trezza Azzopardi

Lynne Sheridan

Professor Kathleen Richardson

Cllr Caroline McAllister

Professor Michele Moore

Helan Shuker-McMahon

Victoria L

Sally Grover

Dr Jenny Wilkes

Gill Smith

Sherri Ingrey

Joanna Bornat

Ruth Todd

Deborah Holland

Susan Moffat

Anne-Marie Hickling

Fiona Baker

Dr Sarah Rutherford

Dr P J Hewson

Justine Abbott

Andrea S

Karen Kennedy

Bridget Leichner

Jeni England
Ann Allen
Tracey Fitzgerald
Arthur Heeley
Helen Milburn
Dawne Brown
Richard Scorer
Lauren McGovern
Andy Pearce
Sabine Ingeborg
Lily Brown
Rachel Corry
Stephen Madill
Lorna Shiels
Stella de Felice
Heather Graham
Jane Ayres
Julia Aparisi
Emma Austin-Grace
Karen Raynor
Claire Nicholson
Sarah Aird-Mash
Mair Owen
Julia Lamb Tod
Nina Cranmer
Inge Kleine
Jill Nesbitt
Jo B
J K Cooper
Dr Jo Meyertons
Deborah Barker
Sarah Bailey
Keith Southwell
Natasha Perry
John Heeley
S Morrison
Nicola Radford
Jacky Hoyoake
Alison Macnair
S J Gray
Juliet Harris
Helen Mary Jones
Rebecca Vaughan
Malcolm Schonfield
Tony Guillan
Nicola O’Brien
Vicki Wharton
Katharine Harris
Clarissa Payne
Moira Luccock
Imogen G
Anne Bevan
Olive Sneddon
Nicola Carr
Carol Jones
Kate Williams
Rebecca Stanton
Amanda Perl
Paul Madill
Emma Payne
Dr Amanda MacLean
Claudia Clare
Rose Reeve
Susan Millership
Celia Kerr
Lesley S Jackson
Amanda Lutchford
S L Bondarchuk
Tessa Sheridan
Victoria Hood
Alison Wren
Edmonton Small Press Association
Debora Singer
Cllr Mark Dobson
Caitriona McGilvray
Fiona Robertson
Jocelyn Gaskell
Sibyl Grundberg
Fiona Davis
Helen Watts
Kerry Gregory
Cathy Barnett
Rosalind Sampson
Dr Susan Tollerfield
Jayne Gosnall
Rachel Rooney
Tina Brotherton
Amaryllis Elphick
Meghan Murphy
Dr Katherine Baxter
Gerald Madill
Christy Lawrance
Rosemary Dun
Julie Matthews
Joanne Lawrence
Jeremy Stangroom
Rachel Edney
Carol Leyland
Bernadette Halpin
Alexandra Sinclair
MaryFaith Autumn
Janey Hutton
Jean Scales
Jessica Shepherd
Anne-Marie Mackin
Andreia Nobre, QG Feminista
Frances Wright
Clare Crestani
Linden Ash
Sandy Thomson
Guffi Chohdri
Patricia Hardman
Emma Barraclough
Paula Bolton
Mo Quinn
Jessica Ahlberg
Ian McNee, Wolverhampton SW Labour Party EC (pc)
Susan Carlyon
Andrea Smith
Bev Jackson
Jenni White
Jade Milne
Lizzie M
Anne Butler
Wendy Ross
Maggie Mellon
Julie Layden
Krista Moore

Megan Baglow

Katerina Cruz
Janet Pontin
Mary Gordon
Angela Clark
Kimberly Everett
Emma Bateman
Elice Davies
Ruth Dineen
Peter Simonsson
Jo Cohen
Dr Catherine Scott
Vanesa Randerson
Barbara Muldoon
Katie Bloor
Marianne Madill
Dianne Vine
Laura Protheroe
Donna Critchley
Paula Orbea
Christine Fireheart
Paula Coster
Joy Vann
Mikaela Henderson
Debra Wright
Lara Yates
Elizabeth Gardner
Cynthia Piña
Paula Fraga Arias
Toni Morris
Imogen Saiz
Naveen Hussain
Katharine Knight
Jenny Walsh
Liz LeMasson
Shauna Devlin
Heather Harvey
Carmen Freixa Zurita
Sharon Fraser
Sue Matthews
Richard Lavazanian
Alison Garraway
Laura Davies
Marion Morris
Catherine Dobson
Elsa Antón
Julie Ann Richards
Sheila Cochrane
Yolanda Martos Wensell
Chris Holt
Andrew O’Neill
Lyndsay Hopkins
Victoria Gilbert
Debra Helme
Sue Gill
Audrey Ludwig
Jennifer Milligan
Marta Garcia de la Vega
Tracy Clifford
Graham Samson
Gail Slavin
Noelia Garcia Madrid
Dr Adam James Smith
Catherine Wright
Helen Russell
Katherine Brierly
Carlotta Sassoon
Isabelle Tracy
Heather Thornton
Ann Moran
Jeanette Hartley
Sally Jackson
Claudia Pavia Kaplan
Jill Harris
Siobhan Owen
Pippa Davies
Siobhan Owen
Liz Henze
Sarah Davies
Margaret Chowdhury
Bec Fawcett-Howitt
Sonia Gibson
Rita Rake
Catherine Mason
Kate Lee
Heather Pymar
Lin Harwood
Julie Layden
Abigail Rowland
Chloe Bryan
Ailsa Holland
Julie Furlong
Sara Stewart
Leeds Resisters
Dr Deirdre O’Neill
Annie McDowall
Annie Wright
Radha Burgess
Teresa Hobday
Jean Hatchet
Helen Self
Mary Hinsley
Victoria Gill
Lisa Sparrock
Carina Moravec
Andrea Jackson
Amanda Evans
Fenella Maddison
Dr Laura Green
Caroline Horne
Pippa Booth

Dr Chloe Houston

Michael Hession, Esq

Susan Matthews

Anya Palmer

Stephanie Davies-Arai

Jane Wainwright

Wendy Lee

Ann McTaggart

Ann Hutchinson

Michelle Thomson

Caroline Tait

Jacqueline Mcsharry

Jane Wainwright

Iris Walker

Geraldine Homewood

Andrew Hitchcock

Alison Hargreaves

Melissa Midgen

Louise Paine


Kerry O’Boyle

Amy Anderson

Caroline Hurley


Nicole Diamond

Christine Hankinson

Graham Linehan

Lisa Randall

Hazel Pegg

Nellie Munro

Joanne Priest

Diane Martin CBE

Eleanor Saville

Mujeres por la Abolición

Polly Clark

Angela Marshall

Angela Neale

Stella O Malley

Rachel Broady

Sarah Tanburn

Kristina J Harrison

Rachel Meyrick

Jesse Smith

Dawn Gibbs

Tricia Reilly

Lucy Lord

Jo Honey

Rose George

Sally Jones

Lesley Smith

Hilary Adams

Annabel de la Nougerede

Judith Jones

Elena Caton

Jennifer Eaton

Julie Goldsmith

Bev Tatham

Jo Waugh

Beth K.

G Daugherty

B Longstaff

Denise Sumpter

Leila Hilal

Karen Böhr

Angie Smith

Mark Ditchburn

Tessa McInnes

Peter Sage

Terri Jay Moore

Emma Thomas

Susie Colcutt

Chris Owen

Lorien Helm

Cerian Williams

Holls Jaybee

Catherine Baird

Claire Jones

Dr E M

Julie-Ann Walkden

Sarah Gellner

Claire Calverley

Keren Howard

Liz Aspden

AnneMarie Picchiottino

Mark Pulleyn

Claire Graham

Elaine Fraser

Deborah Herman

Janet Newsham

Anna Hutchinson

Sadhana Stone

Thomas Fernee

Liz Gower

Elizabeth Gordon

Sue McGill

Louise Branch

Peter Madill

Lynne Anderson

Ann-Marie Stacey

Gail Heath

Michael Lebednik

Ellie Smith

Kerrie Wilson

Debbie Dowler

Celia Sweeney

David McGiffen

Alison White

Alexandra Geddis

Sarah Campbell

Paige J Bramley

Jessica Goldfinch

Lauren Vargues

Monica Kurnatowska

David Jones

Kellie Ziemba

Vic Davies

Jessica Cruz

Elizabeth Griffiths

Jackie Macadam

C O’Brien

Annie Gwillym Walker

Dr Gillian Spraggs

Kate Anderson

Catherine Daniel

Kate Hill

Martin Dufresne

Margo van der Voort

Dr Lesley Kay

Nassim Nobari

Tracey Webber

Marlene Mason

Siaron Phillips

Sarah Galloway

Ronan Stenson

Valentina Furlong

Kelly de Jong

Sue Smith

Neli Busch

Michelle McGurn

Tina Lord

Elizabeth Carola

Beverley Landricombe

Tasia Aranguez

Cheryl McKenzie

Dee Sheehan

Jan Oliver

Sally Wainwright

Jenny Strom

Karel Dander

Sarah Mccann

Keith Morton

Owen Van Spall

Dr Angela Dixon

Christina Hernandez De Dios

Debbie Taylor-Osborne

Debbie Hayton

Amber Davis

Linda Oubridge

Emina Srebric

Issy Dickinson

Jeanna Hoch

Melinda Liszewski

Stacey O’Brien

Richard Collumbell

Nicola Benge

Susan Jack

Debra Bolderson

Dr Valerie Martin-Radcliffe

Dr Pamela Thompson

Anni Tracy

Y M Parsons

Susie Cottee

Ingrid Lyberg

Steph Benn

Karen Chisholm

Dr Laura Read

Andrew Noble


Sarah James

Emma Johnson

Lisa Proctor

Ani O’Brien

Rosalyn Harkin

Kate B

Natalie Carley, Q4 Collective

Tara Hubbard

Lynda Clarkson

Carol Easton

Katie Donnellan

Sandra Adams

Doreen Copeland

Claudia Figueira

David Thomas

Shane Cormican

Susan Sinclair

Joanna Bowers

Lorraine Payne

Hannah W

Tessa Singh

Kay Diffley

Audrey Meroe

Emma Palmer

Richard Keatley

Dr Eva Poen

Pat Williamson

Trish Lavelle

Lorna Fitzpatrick

Isabel Dugher

Tanya Carter

Onjali Qatara Rauf

Michelle Quinlan

Eve Coy

Bev McGregor

Eleanor Hill, Lleisiau Merched Cymru (Women’s Voices Wales)

Anne Robertson

Charlotte Wagner

Debbie Fisk

Anny Anderson

Jenny Dee

Nina Gadson

Gina McCaughan

Daressa Mullen

Diane Holyoak

Janet Lallysmith

Fionne Orlander

Michael Conroy, @MenAtWorkOrg

Clara Cassidy

Adam Burns

Simone Watson

Carol Angharad

Francesca Cambridge Mallen, Let Clothes be Clothes

Bernadette O’Malley

Daisy Jones

Rowena Russell

Helen O’Brien

Lena Munday

Josephine Liptrott

Betty Curtis, Get the Q Out

Gail Cameron

Heather Findlay

Claire Malone

Ian F Saunders

Dee Adams

P Michaelson

Rebecca Liebman

Rachel Miller

Barry Larkin

Christina Perez

Aida Rey Pazos

Sophia Dean

Gloria Valera

Laura Corballis

Martyn Everett

Hope Lye

Gail Sawyer

Vicky Frankland

Catherine Block

Keith Pirie

Tim Carter

Kate Lewis

Heather Leask

Lesley Hart

Lesley Masheder

Linda Killen

Yvonne Roberts

Jane Llewellyn

Helen Miller

Michelle Russell

Elaine McKay

Ruth Lavery

Rocio Reguera Candal

Isla Alexander

Brenda Ellis

Francis Nelson

Prof Perdita Stevens

Miranda Newsom

Yvonne Dziennik

Jois Rocha

Samantha Haycock

Maria Rey

Angela Arias

Jay Edge

Sara Moore

Donna Buckley

Carole Shepherd

Diana Toynbee

Kayleigh Parker

Lesley Whitefield

Vanessa Howard

Charlie Hadley

Lindsey Walker

Rebecca Whitby

Elizabeth Coulter

Roger Dubar

David Lyons

Elise Breugelmans, Feminist Women of Coventry

Andi Main

Lara Thompson

Kath Anderson

Norma Moore

Allison Bailey, Barrister

Cath Jones

Roseanne Cameron

Sarah L Nield

Suzanne Kimm

Kirsten Murray

Hugh Meechan

Jennifer Rubio

Clare Lennon

Amy Stratton

Stephanie Cole

Bev Blackhall

Thaddaeus Eckard

Patricia Garside

Lisa Ware

Sarah Digby

Kit Marsters

Caroline Barnard

Hayley Phillips

L Whittaker

Sonia Poulton

Rebecca Truscott

Sarah Decent

Emma Whiteley

Tracie Kanssen

M Carmen Viñes

Vicki Thornton

Alison Clarke

Sarah Tiley

Kirsty Johnston

Jo Todd, CEO Respect

Niamh McCabe

Lia Mariani

Philippa Lindsay

Monika Neall

Margaret Glover

Nathan Jay

Wendy Knight

Anna-Louise Adams

Karen Harris

Marian McCormack

Juliette Fioretta

Audra M Rourk

Verna Kilburn

Susie Hawkes

Andrea Clarke

Jenny Archer

Cathryn Spengeler

Gill Rimmer

Victoria Stacey

Leah Marriott

Ruth Thornett

Jane Robertson

Claire Robinson

Judith Berridge

Deborah Morgan

Lindsey Walker

Dr Sophie Allen

Frances Lumsden

Carol Cunningham

Emma Heyes

Audrey Gillies

Stasia Richardson

Dr Eleanor Scott

Judith Sim

Teresa Hewitt

Kate Williams

Elizabeth Pilling

Linda Wylie

Susan Carlyon

Tony Whiting

Amanda de Lussey

Tasneem Ahmed

Kate Grimes

Kate Carter

Jessica Fenn-Samuelsen

Gabriella Brady

Marta Bautista

Mick Martell

Lauren Leeman

Bonnie Poole

Kate Tyler

Sylvia Dobie

Keith Dobie

Daniel Baseley

Jackie Bourke

Claire Lewis

Donnica Colman

Dee Golder

Jo Hayes

Shoshana Handel

Siobhan Scullion

Jennie Dunn

Steve Rogers

Isla Arundel

Cordelia Mayfield

Prof Wendy Wheeler

Hazel Boyd

Heather Finlay

Tom Kennedy

Lindsay Wall

Anne Wilson

Rebecca Smith

Lisa Linton

Helen Macpherson

Susan Green

B Kirkland

Lowri Brueton

Kath Glover

Robyn Self

Chinzia Ogilvie

Rachel Masey

Sarah Pearson

Joolz Denby

Sharon Gascoigne

Helen Rayfield

Dr Morag Kerr

Rosemary Cadwallender

Madeleine Oliver

Paula Cole

Kirstie C

Anne Todd

Katherine A

Jules Woodcock

Valerie J Benham

Paul Connolly

Celia Wangler

Jennifer Tiffen

Feminist Women of Coventry

Marilyn Higham

Fiona Barry

Bonny Landsborough

Sarah Donachie

Oibhe Madden

Ruth Sinclair

Victoria Tebbs

Joy Mary Ledgerwood

Judy Mazonowicz

Alex Kenny

Debra Preston Helle

Deborah Ryan

Jane Schofield

Ruth Tweedale

Le Panayi

Jenny Dromey

M Teresa

Vicky Miller

Lauren Hamstead

Yvonne Manly

Cristina Mateos

Laura Wingham

Dr Diane Brewster

Lucy Early

Jim Gibney

Ellen Pasternak

Sian Henry

Alex Jordan

Victoria Diaz Auñon


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If you emailed us and your name is not here, please let us know and we will check our inbox.

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Thank you for your support and solidarity.

We believe that it is important to share a range of viewpoints on women’s rights and advancement from different perspectives. WPUK does not necessarily agree or endorse all the views that we share.