Links from #WPUKCensus Chat

These are the links that were posted in the chat during the #WPUKCensus meeting

You can watch a recording of the webinar here: Sex in the Census October 2020

Take action

 Use our model letter to draft your own to your MP, Liz Truss and the ONS

Women count, count women – WPUK blog on the battle to make the census make sense and why there is still work to do with links to articles and submissions etc

ONS statements on question development

Guidance for questions on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation for the 2019 Census Rehearsal for the 2021 Census

ONS ask for gender in their recruitment monitoring form:×900

Articles on/by the panel

 Sullivan, A. 2020. Sex and the census: why surveys should not conflate sex and gender identity. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 23(5) 517-524 Preprint open access version:

Alice Sullivan was ‘no-platformed’ at a national seminar Stonewall’s new boss Nancy Kelley let census expert be no-platformed 24th May 2020

Lisa Mackenzie’s presentation

Murray Blackburn MacKenzie statement on Scotland’s 2021 census Murray Blackburn Mackenzie

Reform under the radar

Back under the radar MBM

A tale of two letters MBM

Jane Clare Jones presentation available here!379&authkey=!AAyIAWCDqq4LPRo&ithint=file%2cpptx&e=hSkkbr

Jane Clare Jones

The Radical Notion

Selina Todd A Woman’s Place is back in town London May 2019

Selina Todd Power & History

Selina Todd A Woman’s Place is at the lectern Oxford October 2019

The Political Erasure of Sex

The political erasure of sex 1. Census Executive Summary

The political erasure of sex full report

The political erasure of sex appendix

The research is also now available on the Oxford University website

Denton tactics

IGLYO/ Denton Tactics –

That Denton’s document

Specator -The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists

Other WPUK links

You Tube Channel

WPUK 2017 Gov. UK petition

WPUK submission to Scottish Census

WPUK submission to UK Statistics Authority on census


For Women Scotland Crowdfunder for Judicial Review

Labour Women’s Declaration webinar on Tuesday at 7.30.  Register at

Albany Road and the 1911 census Suffragette protest






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