Trans Pride Scotland

Woman’s Place UK are relieved to see that Peyton Rose has withdrawn from Trans Pride Scotland and that the police are investigating the violent threat made to women.

We condemn the attempt by Trans Pride Scotland to blame us, and others campaigning for women’s legal rights, for the violent threat made by Peyton Rose against us. This falls into the very common and dangerous narrative of blaming female victims for the violence perpetrated against them and excusing the behaviour of the perpetrator instead of challenging and condemning it.

WPUK is not campaigning against trans rights.

We are campaigning for women’s rights.

We have always argued for respectful dialogue and proper consultation so that the rights of everyone can be upheld. The threat of violence is an attempt to stop this discussion and to silence women. We won’t tolerate such attempts to intimidate us and we call on Trans Pride Scotland to withdraw their statement.

We note that Trans Pride Scotland have published a subsequent statement:

Last year’s Trans Pride Scotland committee put on an excellent, safe and friendly event in Edinburgh. As the current Trans Pride Scotland volunteer committee, we are determined to ensure this year’s event is also positive, safe and friendly. We have found ourselves on a very steep learning curve regarding how to respond to an unexpected tweet by a performer. The performer has withdrawn from our event, apologised, learned from this and vows to act in a more civil and accepting manner going forward.

Trans Pride Scotland does not believe in trivialising violence. We want all of society and media to be free of harassment and hostility for everyone. Trans Pride Scotland reconfirms our commitment to operating an active safe space policy with zero-tolerance of violence. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe, alcohol-free and family friendly community event on 30th March 2019 focused on positive visibility of trans lives, equality and human rights.

We welcome this statement.

However, the original statement is still up and we have received no apology.

We are not aware of any apology from Peyton Rose.

Our call for Trans Pride Scotland to withdraw the original statement and apologise still stands.

23rd March 2019

We believe that it is important to share a range of viewpoints on women’s rights and advancement from different perspectives. WPUK does not necessarily agree or endorse all the views that we share.