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But What Was She Wearing?

with Vaishnavi Sundar and Gita Sahgal

Sunday 28th June 2020 at 5pm

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Woman’s Place UK is honoured to host a live online discussion about the film ‘But What was She Wearing?’ with the director, Vaishnavi Sundar and Gita Sahgal.

Vaishnavi has arranged a special reduced rate for WPUK supporters to view her film, so please register here to receive an email with the link to the film. You will also receive an invitation to send your questions/comments to us and to watch the live discussion on Sunday 28 June @ 17.00 (BST).

Vaishnavi will receive all the viewing fees to support her to continue her work.

We are grateful to Gita Sahgal for agreeing to discuss the film with Vaishnavi on our live stream Zoom event.

Vaishnavi Sundar is an independent filmmaker, feminist, writer, and women’s rights activist .

Gita Sahgal is a writer and journalist on issues of feminism, fundamentalism, and racism. She is also a documentary films director, and a women’s rights and human rights activist.

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About our events

Woman’s Place UK believes that women have a right to discuss matters of legitimate and material concern to them, specifically the proposals to reform the GRA.

We are astonished that in 2018 women’s voices are still being shut down and that when they try and meet or talk they face abuse, threats, harassment and violence.

We are therefore organising public meetings all over the UK wherever we are invited to ensure that these vital discussions can take place. We aim to centre women with a wide range of perspectives to facilitate the debate.

We do not necessarily agree or endorse the views of all the speakers on our platform and that is because we believe that only by hearing a full range of views can we develop a deeper understanding of the concerns women have and come to a progressive resolution.

We think the role of facilitating this debate is the responsibility of all but particularly of those organisations taking funding from government to promote equality and build understanding between groups. The failure of organisations who have these responsibilities to promote a respectful debate is fuelling an extremely worrying and intolerant environment.

Access and Toilets

We try to find venues that are fully accessible by all to ensure the widest possible inclusion.

To respect the privacy, dignity and legal rights of everyone, we seek venues with toilet provision of female, male as well as third spaces such as single occupancy cubicles or mixed sex toilets. We ask people to use toilets relating to their sex and make sure that there are toilets available for all.

Previous Meetings

You can watch films of the speakers at our previous meetings here.

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