Who lost the sex wars? Woman’s Place UK Rebuttal

Screenshot of New Yorker article heading

On 13th September, The New Yorker published an article by Amia Srinivasan ‘Who lost the sex wars?’ which contained inaccuracies about Woman’s Place UK. On 14th September, Woman’s Place UK… Read More →

Woman’s Place UK Portsmouth: Lucy Masoud

Portsmouth meeting

This is the text of a speech given by Lucy Masoud, at our meeting co-hosted by Portsmouth University on Thursday 16th September 2021, A Woman’s Place is asking big questions.… Read More →

Government to strengthen regulations on single-sex toilets

Male and Female toilet signs

We note the story in the Telegraph today which reports on government plans to strengthen the regulations on the provision of single-sex toilets and properly self-contained unisex toilets. WPUK submitted… Read More →

WPUK, FPFW and FiLiA speak up for women

Image of Women and Equalities Select Committee webpage

Today, representatives from Woman’s Place UK, Fair Play for Women and FiLiA gave evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee (WESC) Inquiry into reform of the Gender Recognition Act… Read More →

Time for a left wing defence of academic freedom

Students protesting against WPUK at Northumbria University 2018
Students protesting against WPUK on a university campus in 2018

Gavin Williamson’s free speech proposals: a win for women? When Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced his government’s proposals to protect free speech in universities in England there was a muted… Read More →

WPUK exchange with EHRC on the collection of sex data

Suffragette message on 1911 Census - "No persons here, only women!"

  EHRC guidance to Scottish Government working group on sex and gender in data WPUK has recently been in correspondence with the EHRC about guidance on the collection of sex… Read More →