Do I have to share my pronouns at work?

We are often contacted by people who have been asked to share their pronouns at work meetings, add them to email signatures or use them in titles for online meetings.… Read More →

“The process is the punishment”: the policing of feminist thought in the workplace

Lisa Mackenzie

The policing of feminist thought in the workplace Almost two years ago, I quit my job because of my belief that women are disadvantaged and discriminated against on the basis… Read More →

Women are under-represented in film – why the BFI needs to be held to account: Deirdre O’Neill

Filmmaker Deirdre O’Neill, who co-ordinates the Inside Film project, argues that the British Film Institute needs to do much more to tackle the barriers to women’s participation The relationship between… Read More →

Sex and transgender status in American employment law – the Bostock case: Elizabeth Hungerford

Elizabeth Hungerford is a licensed, though non practicing, attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She identifies as a feminist, lives as a lesbian, is a longtime observer and sometime commenter… Read More →