Conference: Women’s Liberation 2020

As 2020 marks the 50 year anniversary of the first UK Women’s Liberation conference in the UK, we anticipate a national moment of reflection and evaluation of progress in the women’s movement.

In conjunction with partners from academia and the third sector, WPUK is organising a large one-day conference in February 2020 in London, bringing together academics and activists for a day of feminist plenaries, panel discussions and practical campaigning workshops.

The workshops at the conference will address themes of the WPUK manifesto: the economic status of women, ending violence, harassment and abuse of women and girls, improved access to healthcare, education and training, justice for women in the legal system, representation and participation in democracy, culture, sports and all areas of public life.

While we will invite leading feminist writers, researchers and activists to give keynotes and panel discussions, there will be a practical focus on empowerment of participants to return to their communities, workplaces and families with campaigning skills.

Save the date!

The Conference will take place on Saturday 1st February 2020 at a London location.

Tickets will go on sale in December 2019.

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