Sex and the Census: Call to Action

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Call to Action to ensure the accurate collection of sex data in the 2021 Census.

Sex and the Census Report

In 2020 we were delighted to collaborate with Oxford University to support research into the Political Erasure of Sex.  The report from this project, Sex and the Census by Jane Clare Jones, with Lisa Mackenzie, is available online.

On the website you can find

  • A full report evidencing the policy capture in relation to sex and the census
  • A brief history of transgender ideology outlining the origins of the political erasure of sex
  • An executive summary for quick reference

Since the publication of this report we have also received a legal opinion on the Equality and Human Rights Commission advice to the Scottish Government Sex & Data Working Group relating to collecting data on sex.

Despite rumours, as things stand, it is not clear how the Office of National Statistics intend to frame the longstanding census question on sex. At time of writing, they have stated their intention to carry accompanying guidance that advises respondents to answer the sex question based on their self-declared gender identity. We expect this to be finalised in the next couple of weeks. Please continue to check our social media for updates.  The census in Scotland will take place in March 2022.

With generous financial contributions from our supporters we have printed and sent copies of Sex and the Census to every Member of Parliament, Member of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Member. We have also sent copies of the report to Members of the House of Lords who sit on relevant parliamentary committees.

Call to Action: Lobby your MP

We are now asking you to write to your MP/MSPs/AM.


  • Draw their attention to the Sex and the Census report
  • Ask to meet with them, as their constituent, to discuss your concerns about sex and data collection and about policy capture of key issues relating to sex
  • Read the report yourself (or the executive summary)
  • Go to the meeting ready to ask them about the implications of not collecting accurate data on sex.

Template Letter

You can use our template letter to request a meeting with your MP:

Dear X,

I am writing as a constituent to request a meeting.

I would like to bring your attention to the report Sex and the Census, which you will have recently received in the post.

I would very much like to meet with you, online or in person as appropriate, to discuss the contents of this report. I would like to share my own concerns about the collection of accurate data relating to sex, which is vital to understanding and addressing sex inequality.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name
Your address* (to show you are a constituent) – *this should remain private under GDPR.

If offered a meeting, you may like to attend with others as a group, or be invited to attend with others who have also written requesting a meeting on the same topic.

Please feedback to us, to let us know how you get on!

Our guide for lobbying your MP is here

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06 February 2021


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