Equality Act

Government to strengthen regulations on single-sex toilets

Male and Female toilet signs

We note the story in the Telegraph today which reports on government plans to strengthen the regulations on the provision of single-sex toilets and properly self-contained unisex toilets. WPUK submitted… Read More →

WPUK exchange with EHRC on the collection of sex data

Suffragette message on 1911 Census - "No persons here, only women!"

  EHRC guidance to Scottish Government working group on sex and gender in data WPUK has recently been in correspondence with the EHRC about guidance on the collection of sex… Read More →

What Biden’s Executive Order 13988 means for women and girls

Biden's Executive Order
Picture of Women's March in USA - women, girls, placards with uterus, abortion rights, rainbow flag. Pixabay

What Biden’s Executive Order 13988 means for women and girls: One woman’s take by Callie Burt  Biden’s Executive Order 13988: neither surprising nor good for women and girls On his… Read More →