Vaishnavi Sundar: Feminist filmmaking and sex-based rights

Vaishnavi Sundar
Vaishnavi Sundar

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Raquel Rosario Sánchez interviews the feminist filmmaker Vaishnavi Sundar International Women’s Day commemorates the history, achievements and struggles women and girls around the world… Read More →

Until all our sisters are free: Paula Boulton

Paula Boulton is a musician, playwright and granddaughter of one of the first women Labour councillors. This post was first published on Facebook. We are republishing it here with the… Read More →

I am not your enemy: let’s talk

This is the text of the speech Dani Ahrens gave at the Woman’s Place UK fringe meeting at Labour Party conference in Brighton on 23rd September 2019. It was first… Read More →

International Voices on Gender Identity: ‘Women by Decree’ with Laura Lecuona

The conversation continues during this exciting Summer of Gender here in the Dominican Republic. We’re still in summer, right? Even if we are not, I am certain that these past… Read More →