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Woman’s Place UK Portsmouth: Lucy Masoud

Portsmouth meeting

This is the text of a speech given by Lucy Masoud, at our meeting co-hosted by Portsmouth University on Thursday 16th September 2021, A Woman’s Place is asking big questions.… Read More →

“The process is the punishment”: the policing of feminist thought in the workplace

Lisa Mackenzie

The policing of feminist thought in the workplace Almost two years ago, I quit my job because of my belief that women are disadvantaged and discriminated against on the basis… Read More →

National Education Union asserts importance of debate

Image of cover of NEU conference agenda

Delegates at the National Education Union (NEU) conference recently passed a motion which asserts the importance of discussion and debate, with 75 per cent voting in favour. The text of… Read More →

Warning! This motion may damage your CLP

New Socialist has produced a draft motion for Constituency Labour Party groups (CLPs) entitled ‘Draft Model Motion in support of trans, nonbinary, and intersex rights’. In their ‘Tasks & Values’,… Read More →

Dear Lisa Nandy: a letter from Ruth Serwotka

Dear Lisa Nandy, I write on behalf of the feminist campaigning organisation Woman’s Place UK (WPUK). Information about us can be found here. I am a co-founder of WPUK, with… Read More →

Until all our sisters are free: Paula Boulton

Paula Boulton is a musician, playwright and granddaughter of one of the first women Labour councillors. This post was first published on Facebook. We are republishing it here with the… Read More →